Kyoto2 a framework for an effective, efficient, equitable Climate Agreement
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Kyoto2 Discussion

This group has been formed to enable a dialogue around the issues of international climate policy, problems with the existing UNFCCC / Kyoto Protocol, alternative approaches to global climate governance, weak points (if any!) in the Kyoto2 framework, ideas about more effective mechanisms and so on. The overall purpose is to feed into the Kyoto2 model and help it to evolve and improve.

It is operated by means of a Yahoo Group, set up to allow all members to contribute. To sign up, just send an email to using the email address you want to use for your Group emails.

Oliver Tickell, Kyoto2.
9 July 2008.

Group emails

These are the main emails used to operate the Group:

Yahoo Group home page

You can take a look at the Group home page at


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