Kyoto2 a framework for an effective, efficient, equitable Climate Agreement
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Kyoto2 newsletter

This is operated by means of a Yahoo Group, set up to operate one-way - from Kyoto2 to you. To sign up, just send an email to using the email address you want to use for your Group emails.

It is set up this way to limit the volume of email: most of us get too much of the stuff as it is. Accordingly this is a low-traffic group with no more than one email in any single week, and much less than that on average.

The Newsletter will be used to keep members informed of important developments in the Kyoto2 initiative. It will not go out at any regular interval, but purely as and when there is something to announce.

Oliver Tickell, Kyoto2.
27 March 2007.

Group emails

These are the main emails used to operate the Group:

Yahoo Group home page

You can take a look at the Group home page at


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