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Are all TIG torches interchangeable?

Are all TIG torches interchangeable?

Each torch uses the same types of consumables, which each have their own sizes that fit inside when put together. A size 9 torch will have much smaller consumables than a size 26, meaning you can’t mix and match.

How do I know what series My TIG torch is?

Most tig torch manufacturers stamp a model number on the neck of the torch. The numbers are often preceded by letters, WP, SR, ER for example. These letters can usually be ignored as it is the number that is important when selecting the correct parts from this section.

How long does a TIG torch last?

For starters there are more parts, more coordination needed, “special” (100% Argon) Shielding Gas, more expensive consumables, etc. We decided to give a run down of how long your TIG parts and consumables will last. TIG Torch- The Torch itself should last many years if used correctly and no accidents occur.

What is a 20 series TIG torch?

W-250 (WP-20) Small, Powerful The power cable, water and gas hoses are small, light weight and flexible. The 20 series torch accepts industry standard 2 series parts and is the basis for adding a wide variety of options and accessories to suite your specific welding application.

What is a 26 series TIG torch?

Genuine Weldcraft™ A-200, WP-26-12-R is a 200 amp air-cooled TIG torch with 12.5 ft. leads that is designed for heavy-duty TIG welding applications.

How far should tungsten stick out past Cup?

Get yourself close quickly by allowing the entire tapered portion to stick out past the cup. Tighten the torch down so just 1/16″ or less past the tapered portion is visible outside of the cup.

What does WP-17 mean?

small handle
WP-9, WP-17 = small handle. WP-18, WP-26 = large handle.

What is a weldcraft Tig torch?

Weldcraft TIG torches are specifically constructed and tested to perform with Miller TIG welders. Designed and manufactured in the United States, our Weldcraft torches and consumables are made from the highest quality copper alloys that can handle extreme temperatures.

Are there different types of TIG torches available?

There is a variety of Weldcraft TIG torches available to handle the most intricate to the most demanding welding challenges for nearly every TIG application.

Why choose weldcraft water-cooled torches?

The compact torch design is ergonomic and easy to work with, allowing for precise control of the arch to create exceptional welds even the most difficult applications. Weldcraft Water-Cooled Torches are made with the highest quality components to maximize the durability and performance of the machine.

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