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Are cars cheap in Belgium?

Are cars cheap in Belgium?

Even though Belgium is one of the ten most expensive countries for driving a car, maintaining them is cheaper than in other countries in Europe. “It is amazing that Belgium is one of the cheapest for that, just after Turkey and the United Kingdom.

How much does a used car cost in Belgium?

approximately 17,000 euros
As of 2017, a used car of three to five years old costs approximately 17,000 euros, whereas a car of five to ten years old costs roughly 6,000 euros less….Average purchase price of used cars in Belgium in 2017, by age (in euros)*

Characteristic Average purchase price in euros

Can I buy a car in Belgium?

Fortunately, both Belgians and foreign nationals can buy a car in Belgium. However, you will need to have a Belgian residence permit or proof of residence to register it and get it insured in Belgium. To drive a car in Belgium, you must be at least 18. However, you don’t always need a Belgian driving license.

What is a good salary in Belgium?

Will your salary be able to meet your daily needs? A net monthly salary of €2,100, which translates to €45,000 annually before tax, is a good earning for a single person living in Belgium. For a big household of four people, an average of €4,150 monthly or about €95,000 in annual salary is considered good.

Are there any Belgian car brands?

Belgium has a long and consolidated history in the automotive business and remains as a major actor in car production. The assembly plants are spread all over the country, with Ford Genk, Van Hool (bus), Opel Antwerp, Ghent Volvo Europe, Audi Forest/Brussels, and Trucco plants.

Can I drive in Belgium with a UK licence?

Can you drive in Belgium with a UK licence? Yes, you can legally drive in Belgium with your UK-issued driving licence without the need to apply for an International Driving Permit, unless you intend to stay for longer than 185 days.

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