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Are corundum rubies real?

Are corundum rubies real?

The corundum family of gemstones consists of ruby and sapphire. Corundum is very compact, dense, and lacks gemstone cleavage. It’s also the second hardest natural mineral after diamond. Gem-quality corundum is also quite rare.

What 2 precious stones are forms of corundum?

corundum, naturally occurring aluminum oxide mineral (Al2O3) that is, after diamond, the hardest known natural substance. Its finer varieties are the gemstones sapphire and ruby (qq. v.), and its mixtures with iron oxides and other minerals are called emery (q.v.).

What is the difference between corundum and ruby?

Rubies are specifically the red variety of corundum . Ruby variety corundum is colored only by chromium, which is a rare element. Corundum can come in many other colors too, like velvety blues, sunny yellows, and any other color except emerald green.

How can you tell a real ruby from a fake?

At a 9 on the Mohs scale, rubies aren’t easily scratched unless you use a diamond. Other gemstones and imitations are more fragile. You can scratch the surface of your ruby with a coin, and if it leaves marks, you likely have a fake. Real rubies won’t get scratched by keys or coins.

How is corundum valued?

How much corundum is worth varies significantly based on its quality, potentially becoming anything from sandpaper to sapphires. Most corundum is opaque, muddy colored, and highly included. This material is industrial grade, getting used in things like abrasives, sandpaper, and power-tools.

What gems come from corundum?

Corundum has two primary gem varieties: ruby and sapphire. Rubies are red due to the presence of chromium, and sapphires exhibit a range of colors depending on what transition metal is present. A rare type of sapphire, padparadscha sapphire, is pink-orange.

How do you identify a ruby rock?

It is much easier to tell if a ruby is real when it is raw and uncut, for a variety of reasons. Rubies like to grow in a flat, hexagonal shape. If the uncut gem shows this natural growth characteristic, along with parts of its host rock (marble or alkali basalt) still attached, it is very likely it is a real ruby.

What Colour is pure corundum?

Pure corundum is colourless and clear if transparent or pale white if opaque. This mineral also has low dispersion so the value of the stones comes not from fire generated (as in diamond), but rather from the intensity of colours seen.

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