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Are Dynaudio speakers made in China?

Are Dynaudio speakers made in China?

Dynaudio is a chinese company with a chinese majority owner. Some of the lower lines are FULLY MADE IN CHINA. The cabinets are outsourced, and the higher lines are assembled in Denmark.

Are Dynaudio speakers made in Denmark?

We’re a fussy bunch. That’s why we design, develop and engineer all the stuff we make at our HQ in Skanderborg. It’s always been this way, ever since we started in one building in 1977.

Where are dynaudio emit speakers made?

The tweeter coil/dome (we call it the butterfly) assembly is made in Denmark and follows the same process as all of our hifi tweeters. The Emits’ cones and surrounds for the woofer/mid-woofers/mid-range drivers are the same as those in our other speaker ranges.

What is the dynaudio house sound?

The short answer is no, Dynaudio do not have a “house sound”. They make such a diverse range of loudspeakers that the sound you get will depend hugely on the room they are placed in. The Confidence range tend to sound both neutral and relatively natural to my ears when driven by competent amplification.

Where is dynaudio located?

Skanderborg, Denmark

Type Private
Founded 1977
Headquarters Skanderborg, Denmark
Parent Goertek

What is Dynaudio system?

The Dynaudio Excite Sound System for the Volkswagen Golf is comprised of nine high performance loudspeaker drivers, with 2-way loudspeaker sets in the front and rear of the vehicle and a dedicated dual voice coil subwoofer discretely mounted in the boot of the car, collectively powered by a sophisticated 400-watt …

Where are Dynaudio monitors made?

Developed, Designed & Made in Denmark As all of our speakers, LYD 48 was conceived, born and raised entirely at our facilities in Skanderborg, Denmark. Featuring handmade driver units from the factory in Denmark, all LYD 48 monitors are also assembled, finalized and tested here before leaving our warehouse.

How long does the rubber in speakers last?

Registered. Foam surrounds last 10-15 years before they deteriorate. Butyl rubber surrounds can deteriorate as quickly if allowed to dry out, but should last the life of the driver (until you burn the voice coil).

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