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Are Megan Racing coils good?

Are Megan Racing coils good?

Megan Racing Street Coilovers The Street coilovers are the best the company has to offer for the daily driver. While the suspension is more firm than stock, many customers say the ride is still very good but the handling is extremely intensified. Most have camber plates and these have 32 way adjustable dampening.

How do you adjust the dampening on Megan Racing coilovers?

Adjust the damper setting on the suspension to your desired rate. Adjust the setting by tightening the knob all the way till it stops, and then turning back the knob (from 32 to 1) till the desired setting.

Who is Megan Racing?

Now Megan Racing is one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket performance parts across the United States and continues to expand globally. Foreseeing their tenth year in existence, Megan Racing has vowed to never forget their roots and the many great people the company’s staff has met in many different countries.

Where are Megan Racing products made?

Having to patiently sift through a wide array of international sources who offered parts at competitive prices and great quality, he faced the challenge of finding one that shared mutual manufacturing goals. This eventually led Calvin to building his very own R&D factory here in California.

Can you rebuild Megan coilovers?

There are currently no replacement parts available for repairs. This service is strictly for revalve/performance enhancing a known good set of shocks/struts. Any shocks/struts submitted that are found to have pre-existing damage will be returned to the customer (+$50 fee).

What does damping do on coilovers?

Damping adjustments are typically best left for fine tuning and specific chassis balance. It’s the springs that absorb bumps and control body roll, not the shocks. They do so by compressing and expanding to absorb individual wheel motion.

Are Megan Racing coilovers adjustable?

COILOVERS. Complete fully adjustable suspension systems for import, domestic and European applications.

Is Megan Racing Japanese?

Megan Racing’s materials are sourced from both domestic and imported origins such as the Japanese steel that the company uses in many of their products such as lowering springs and stainless-steel exhaust components.

Are Godspeed coilovers good?

They were fairly easy to install, The ride quality is good for these recently went on a 6 hour road trip and they were very comfortable, much better than oem struts. The handling is better than oem I’m able to drive spirited with confidence.

How do you adjust Megan Racing coilovers dampening?

How much does it cost to get coilovers rebuild?

A basic rebuild will probably run you somewhere between $125-175 from most manufacturers and/or suspension specialists.

Where are BC coilovers made?

BC, Taiwan Bor-Chuann started to promote its exclusively branded products, the BC Coilover Kit, which made its debut in 2003, and the sales volume of the BC Coilovers has grown impressively, consolidating its leading position in manufacturing shock absorbers in Taiwan.

How low can you go on Godspeed coilovers?

After getting an answer from Godspeed, it seems the 2″ drop is the minimum on the MonoSS.

How often should coilovers be rebuilt?

I spoke with Terry from Fortune and he said rebuilds should be done every 2-4 years for normal use, and more so with track use. Is this the norm? How do other coilovers hold up? I’m just thinking in terms of future expenses.

What does a blown coilover look like?

Your coilovers are likely blown if you have the following symptoms: More bounce on speed bumps. Visible oil leakage. More body roll when cornering.

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