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Are Resto Shamans good in TBC arena?

Are Resto Shamans good in TBC arena?

Restoration Shamans are the most offensive healer in TBC Arena, due to their powerful offensive abilities (Windfury Totem, Bloodlust, Purge and Earth Shock) but also due to their lack of defensive abilities and poor Mana sustain, which forces quick games. Being a healer will make you a focus target in the Arena.

What is the best race for resto Shaman TBC?

Best Races for Horde Restoration Shamans. Troll is the best race for PvE, Orc is the best race for PvP and second best for PvE and Tauren is a close second for PvP.

Can you level as a resto shaman TBC Classic?

Leveling Viability for Restoration Shaman Healing in Burning Crusade. If you are leveling a Shaman alt (or Level 60 classic main) and have strong gear with Spell Healing prepared, you should be able to keep your groups up throughout any situation and allow for efficient chain pulling with efficient Healing Wave usage.

How do you use a resto shaman TBC Classic?

TBC Restoration Shaman Rotation

  1. Maintain. Water Shield.
  2. Earth Shield. on one of the tanks.
  3. Maintain totems that will benefit your group the most.
  4. Mana Tide Totem. when everyone in your group will benefit the most from it.
  5. Cast. Chain Heal.
  6. Nature’s Swiftness. with.
  7. Cast.
  8. If you need to downrank heals, you can use.

What rank is TBC Chain Heal?

Healing Wave is recommended for efficient single-target healing. Rank 4 is learned at Level 18, and is thus penalized, making Rank 5 the first rank that fully utilizes your gear’s Healing Power, while still having a relatively low Mana cost.

Is Elemental shaman good in TBC?

Elemental Shamans are the best support caster class in TBC Classic, and also have good ranged DPS on their own, which starts off strong due to the abundance of spell hit and Critical Strike they can get from talents alone.

What is the best spec for leveling a shaman in TBC?

For Enhancement Shaman, Blacksmithing is the recommended manufacturing skill at max level. Both Leatherworking and Blacksmithing can produce Chain Armor (Shaman are a chain class starting at level 40), but Blacksmithing works better for Enhancement Shaman due to the ability to create your own weapons as well as armor.

Is elemental or enhancement better for leveling TBC?

Enhance is easier as you don’t have as much downtime, and isn’t as gear reliant. Once about 40ish or so you can swap to Ele if you wish as you will have access to much better Ele talents. It’s all easy really.

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