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Are there any active forest fires in Wyoming?

Are there any active forest fires in Wyoming?

Nothing at this time.

Where is the fire in southern Wyoming?

The Mullen Fire is burning in the Medicine Bow National Forest (MBF), southwest of Centennial, Wyoming. The fire was reported in the Savage Run Wilderness on Thursday, September 17, and spread rapidly in extremely rugged terrain, with dense vegetation and beetle-killed deadfall.

Where are the wildfires in Wyoming and Montana?

Along the border between Idaho and Montana, in the dark green forests of the Sawtooth and Bitteroot mountain ranges, brown-colored burn scars reveal the location of last year’s extensive fires. Yellowstone National Park in the far northwest corner of Wyoming is also fighting wildfires.

Where is the smoke in Wyoming from?

Thanks to a combination of large wildfires in Idaho and Oregon, the Bighorn Basin is likely to be covered in a dense smoke plume for the discernible future. The skies of the Bighorn Basin continue to be hazy and full of smoke. With only one minor wildfire in Wyoming, it means the smoke is blowing…

Why is it so smoky in Wyoming?

The smoke is from wildfires across the western United States and is leading to poor air quality. “The Wyoming Department of Health recommends that the elderly, young children, and individuals with respiratory problems avoid excessive physical exertion and minimize outdoor activities during this time,” the alert states.

Are there any fires near Yellowstone right now?

Local Wildfire Incident Dashboard: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. There are no wildfires in this area right now.

Did Yellowstone almost burn down?

Almost 250 different fires started in Yellowstone and the surrounding National Forests between June and August.

Where is the Mullen Fire located?

Albany County
Jackson CountyCarbon County
Mullen Fire/Location

Where are the fires at in Wyoming?

The most significant fires are Broken Back Creek in Washakie county, burning roughly 3,400 acres and are about half contained. The Robinson fire, south of Buffalo, at 1,038 acres, required a “type 2 incident management team” of additional fireteam support to manage the fires.

Where is the best air quality in Wyoming?

The American Lung Association’s 2019 “State of the Air” report found that Wyoming received mixed grades for its air quality. While Casper and Cheyenne were rated two of the cleanest air quality areas in the country, Sublette, Campbell, and Sheridan all received “D” grades.

Why is Jackson Hole smoky?

The presence of smoke in Jackson Hole may be due to severe weather patterns exacerbated by climate change. Because fire season in the northwest usually starts in the late summer, the smoke observed in Jackson Hole arrived earlier than in other years.

Is there a fire in Yellowstone right now?

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