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Can I ask my GP to check my breasts?

Can I ask my GP to check my breasts?

At your GP appointment Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and how long you have had them. They will also ask you about your general health and will examine your breasts. They might also feel the lymph nodes under your arms and in your neck.

What does a lump in the breast feel like?

What does a breast lump feel like? Breast tissue in and of itself can feel somewhat lumpy and sponge-like, so it can be hard to know if what you’re feeling is an actual lump or just normal breast tissue. “A breast lump will feel like a distinct mass that’s noticeably more solid than the rest of your breast tissue.

How do you get a breast check on the NHS?

Look at your breasts and feel each breast and armpit, and up to your collarbone. You may find it easiest to do this in the shower or bath, by running a soapy hand over each breast and up under each armpit. You can also look at your breasts in the mirror. Look with your arms by your side and also with them raised.

How do you inspect your breasts?

Begin with a visual examination of your breasts To inspect your breasts visually, do the following: Face forward and look for puckering, dimpling, or changes in size, shape or symmetry. Check to see if your nipples are turned in (inverted). Inspect your breasts with your hands pressed down on your hips.

What do suspicious breast lumps feel like?

A large, solid-feeling lump that moves easily under your skin. A hard, irregular-shaped breast lump. Skin redness or dimpling like an orange. Changes in breast size or shape.

What should normal breast tissue feel like?

Normal breast tissue often feels nodular (lumpy) and varies in consistency from woman to woman. Even within each individual woman, the texture of breast tissue varies at different times in her menstrual cycle, and from time to time during her life.

How much does a mammogram cost UK?


Bilateral Mammogram and Report 250
Bilateral Mammogram including 3D tomosynthesis views 285
Unilateral Mammogram and Report 200
Unilateral Mammogram including 3D tomosynthesis views 265
Extra Views Mammography 135

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