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Can I trade in my old HP printer for a new one?

Can I trade in my old HP printer for a new one?

HP or non-HP brands are eligible, and you can trade in any quantity or product mix. Get an instant, online quote for trade-in product(s). Purchase new HP product(s).

Does HP buy back old printers?

With a full line-up of energy efficient printers from HP, you can conserve energy without sacrificing features or performance. Now HP makes recycling even easier. Purchase an eligible new HP printer and we’ll recycle your old printer for free. That’s HP Printing with the environment in mind.

How do I exchange my HP?

To return or exchange an item, you must first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from Store, either by initiating online or by Emailing us. The return label we email to you will enable you to return the item to us.

Who buys old HP printers?

Option 1: Drop off at Staples for recycling. HP partners with Staples to offer convenient recycling for many types of electronics (see list below) via all Staples locations in the U.S. They take “any brand, any condition” and will accept up to 6 items per person per day. Go here to find a Staples near you.

Can you trade in your printer?

You can trade in your printer for $50 towards a purchase of a new printer (priced $199 or above), or you can just recycle your printer. They will recycle Dell machines for free, but all other brands will only incur a $10 recycling fee.

Can I sell my HP laptop to HP?

First, you will receive a quote for your HP laptop trade in. Then, you can choose a new HP product, after which you will ship your trade-in item. The company will send a cash-back allowance check within 6-8 weeks after everything has been received.

What can I do with my old HP laptop?

Vendors like Office Depot, Best Buy, and HP® accept old computers for recycling in addition to other items such as printers and printer cartridges, smartphones, and tablets. Even the most dated and obsolete computer can contain a number of valuable materials including plastics, copper, gold, and silver, among others.

Can you trade in printer?

What do I do with my old HP printer?

Can I upgrade my old HP laptop?

At HP®, most of our laptops have been designed so the user can open the unit with a Phillips screwdriver and add new or upgrade computer memory with relative ease. Other computers have soldered the device shut making it impossible for users to upgrade memory.

Can you trade in a printer?

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