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Can I use Keynote on my iPad?

Can I use Keynote on my iPad?

You can use Keynote to create beautiful and engaging presentations with fun animations, interesting transitions, and professional polish. To create a Keynote presentation, you always start with a theme, then modify it however you want.

How do I transfer Keynote from Mac to iPad?

On a Mac: If the presentation is open, choose Share > Send a copy (from the Share menu at the top of the screen), then choose AirDrop. You can also Control-click a presentation file on your computer, then choose Share > AirDrop. On iPhone or iPad: Open the presentation, tap. , tap Share, then tap AirDrop.

How do I play a Keynote presentation on my iPad?

Play a presentation on a separate display in Keynote on iPad

  1. Connect an external display to your device using AirPlay or a video adapter.
  2. In the slide navigator, tap to select the slide you want to begin with, then tap .
  3. To exit the presenter display and stop playing your presentation, pinch the slide or tap .

Is Keynote only for Mac?

The keynote presentation app from Apple was originally designed for Mac OS computers from Apple, and then for the iOS mobile devices including iPhone and iPad but now Keynote can be used on Windows computers.

Is Keynote for iPad free?

As reported by Juli Clover of MacRumors, Apple has now made its Keynote, Numbers, Pages, iMovie and GarageBand iOS apps free for everyone.

How do I link my iPhone and iPad to Keynote?

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Keynote app, then tap the Keynote Remote button in the toolbar. If you don’t see the Keynote Remote button, tap Presentations or the Back button , then tap the Keynote Remote button. On your iPhone or iPad, tap Continue. On your Mac, next to the name of your iPhone or iPad, click Link.

How do I AirDrop a Keynote presentation on a Mac?

From Keynote on macOS:

  1. Go to the Menu and select Share > Send a Copy… > AirDrop.
  2. Choose what format to send (in the case of the OP, Keynote)
  3. Select your iOS device from the list.
  4. On the iOS device, AirDrop may ask you what app to open the file with.
  5. Review the presentation using Keynote on iOS.

How do I present a slideshow on my iPad?

Make and play a slideshow

  1. Tap Library.
  2. View photos by All Photos or Days, then tap Select.
  3. Tap each photo you want to include in the slideshow, then tap .
  4. Tap Slideshow from the list of options. To change the slideshow theme, music, and more, tap the screen while the slideshow plays, then tap Options.

Which is better PowerPoint or Keynote?

If you’re an Apple user, then yes — Keynote is probably better for you than PowerPoint. Why? Because it’s free, comes built-in with your Mac, syncs with all your devices and has a nice, clean design-driven interface. Also, Keynote has better templates and themes for various use cases.

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