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Can you change faction in new world?

Can you change faction in new world?

You won’t be able to change your Faction for 120 days after picking one, but after that time is up you’ll want to open your character menu by hitting “K,” and then go to your character’s “Bio.” There you’ll see your Faction’s banner with a button to change it just below.

What happens when you change factions in wow?

In the faction change menu, you’ll pick a new race for your character (based on your character’s class) and then customize his or her appearance. Enjoy your new faction!

Does it matter which faction you join in New World?

The answer to which faction to join is: it doesn’t really matter. Joining the larger faction initially is a good starting point, since it gives you a chance to see how things work and whether the buffs make a significant enough difference to your playstyle.

What happens to faction gear if you switch factions New World?

A player in New World is not allowed to change their faction within 120 days of choosing a new or different one, meaning players can only switch sides approximately 3 times a year. Additionally, players will lose all their title progression and gear after changing.

Can Alliance and Horde join the same guild?

As all we know, in World of Warcraft, players from different factions cannot exist in the same guild.

Does it matter which faction I choose in New World?

It may be worth taking your server balance into consideration when selecting a faction. Picking the biggest faction on your server means you’ll get more bonuses as you play, but you have a lower chance of being selected for wars or encountering enemies in open world PvP.

Can you faction change back?

The race you choose must support your character’s class. Completing a faction change will prevent you from changing the character’s faction or race again for 72 hours.

Do you lose rep when you faction change?

No. All other factions are neutral and kept at what ever level you were when you swapped.

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