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Can you make your own fly rod?

Can you make your own fly rod?

And building one’s own rod can save a lot. According to Lawrence Stuemke of the Bozeman Angler, “You can build a custom fly rod for about half to two-thirds the price of a built rod.” Basic rod building begins with rod blank and component selection. Many options are available.

Is building a fly rod hard?

To put it succinctly, “it ain’t that hard!” It just isn’t. Our thought is this: If you’re already fly fishing, then building your own rod is easy. For your first project, you’ll need 6-8 hours of time total over 2-3 days. That’s it!

Can you make money building fly rods?

But if you really enjoy building and you are capable of making functional, attractive rods, you can probably make enough money to justify your activity. Many people sell rods to fund the component purchases for rods they build for themselves. You may also be able to use your profits to subsidize your fishing expenses.

Are bamboo fly rods good?

Bamboo fly rods are ideal for the most subtle and delicate of presentations, and for anglers who enjoy the rod’s slow and very flexible action. Much like fiberglass fly rods, bamboo fly rods deliver a unique feel and experience when battling a fish. The give of the fly rod helps to protect light tippets from breaking.

What do I need for rod building?

You will need a rod blank, butt handle and end cap (not needed for a fly rod), reel seat, fore grip handle, guides and tip top. The most important step when you get the rod is to find the spine. Hold the butt end of the rod, push the tip against the floor and then spin the rod in your fingers.

How much does it cost to build your own fly rod?

I was blown away when Jon told me that getting a custom rod built wasn’t just quick and easy (taking just 3 weeks from design to holding a finished rod), but relatively inexpensive costing just $225 for standard-length (7′ 6″ – 9′) fiberglass or graphite rod!

How much do custom rods sell for?

TX3, 30-50 Spinning Rods – $250-$300. TX3 50-100 Conventional Rods – $200- $300. MHX Saltwater Woven Carbon Fiber Rods – $250-$350. Composite E-Glass and Graphite – $200-$400.

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