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Did Rage Against the Machine become Audioslave?

Did Rage Against the Machine become Audioslave?

Audioslave was an American rock supergroup formed in Glendale, California, in 2001. The four-piece band consisted of Soundgarden’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell with Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello (lead guitar), Tim Commerford (bass/backing vocals), and Brad Wilk (drums).

What was the first Audioslave album?

Civilian: The DemosAudioslave / First album

What is Chris Cornell’s best song?

Chris Cornell’s 12 greatest vocal performances

  • Audioslave – Cochise (Audioslave, 2002)
  • Audioslave – Like A Stone (Audioslave, 2002)
  • Chris Cornell – You Know My Name (Carry On, 2007)
  • Chris Cornell – Before We Disappear (Higher Truth, 2015)
  • Chris Cornell – Nothing Compares 2 U (2016)

Is Audioslave a grunge?

Forming back in 1990, a Grunge supergroup entitled Temple of the Dog signified the beginning of this movement; bringing together the most renowned musicians across Seattle and eventually leading to the formation of Grunge legends, Pearl Jam and Audioslave.

What genre is Audioslave?

Alternative/IndieAudioslave / Genre

When did like a stone by Audioslave come out?

” Like a Stone ” is a song by the American rock supergroup Audioslave, released as the second single from their eponymous debut studio album Audioslave in January 2003. The song topped both the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and Hot Modern Rock Tracks charts, and reached number 31 on the Hot 100 chart, making it their biggest US hit.

Who wrote and directed the music video for like a stone?

The music video for “Like a Stone” was written and directed by Grammy winner Meiert Avis, who has also directed videos for State Radio, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, J-Lo and many others.

Is like a stone a good song?

“Like a Stone” has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It became the fifth best performing alternative song on the Alternative Songs chart of the decade and the eighth best performing rock song on the Mainstream Rock chart of the decade.

Who wrote all of Audioslave’s songs?

All lyrics written by Chris Cornell; all music composed by Audioslave, except “Super Stupid” written by George Clinton, Eddie Hazel, Billy Bass Nelson and Tawl Ross. “Like a Stone” – 4:54 “Like a Stone” (live on BBC Radio 1) – 4:58 “Gasoline” (live on BBC Radio 1) – 4:45 “Set It Off” (live on Late Show with David Letterman) – 4:01

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