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Do golf cart leaf springs wear out?

Do golf cart leaf springs wear out?

Your factory-installed metal leaf springs are made to last for a general period of time before eventually wearing down and requiring replacement. If you’re in tune with the way your vehicle handles and performs, you’re sure to notice signs of worn-out leaf springs.

What does DS stand for on club cart?

What does DS stand for in Club Car golf carts? The Club Car DS model type, in production from 1980 to 2014, was named after Dom Saporito, a vehicle designer at Club Car in the 1980s.

What is the difference between a DS and Precedent Club Car?

The Club Car DS body panels on the rear and front are made of fiberglass and plastic respectively that makes them quite sturdy. On the other hand, the frame of the Club Car Precedent is made of flexible and bendable material with a 360° wraparound bumper.

What are dual action leaf springs?

The Dual Action Leaf Spring provides a comfortable, factory-style ride with two passengers while the Heavy Duty “helper leaf” kicks in when needed to handle rear seats, cargo boxes or extra passengers! Capable of supporting 500 more than stock springs.

How can I tell if my leaf springs are bad?

Common Signs Your Leaf Springs Need to Be Replaced

  1. Difficulty steering or vehicle pulling to one side as you drive.
  2. Feeling even small bumps as you drive down the road.
  3. Your truck nose dives, leans back or rolls with momentum.

When did they stop making Club Car DS?

The Club Car DS was released back in 1984 and discontinued production in 2011. It was designed to be a Fleet Golf Cart for Golf Courses.

How do you tell what year Club Car DS is?

Club Car Golf Carts manufactured after 1981 will have their serial numbers positioned just under the glove box on the passengers side of the vehicle and you will need this serial number to identify the year of your Club Car. The first two numbers will indicate the year your cart was made.

How do you tell if my Club Car is a DS?

  1. 1982-Present DS Models have a distinct square front nose with a small black plastic bumper on the lower part of the front end.
  2. 2004-Present Precedent Models have a more rounded front nose with a wide black plastic bumper that wraps all the way around the cart.

How do you know if you have a broken leaf spring?

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