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Does a LifeProof case protect from dropping?

Does a LifeProof case protect from dropping?

LifeProof and OtterBox are both smartphone cases designed to protect against drops and water damage. While Lifeproof only manufactures cases for iPhones and other Apple products, Otterbox is available for Android smartphones as well. The OtterBox comes in various different series.

Is LifeProof case really waterproof?

Both the LifeProof NǕǕD and LifeProof FRĒ cases provide waterproof protection in up to 6.6 feet of water. They’re both DirtProof and SnowProof, too, and can survive drops from up to 4 feet. With both cases, you’ll retain access to your device’s buttons, controls and ports.

Does LifeProof case make it hard to hear?

It is waterproof, dustproof, snowproof and dropproof. But with all the goodness, some people still have problem with the product. One of the most common problem would be the phone call quality. Some people complain about other people could not hear them talking while on call with LifeProof FRE case on.

Do LifeProof cases have a lifetime guarantee?

Do LifeProof Cases Have a Lifetime Warranty? Unfortunately, there’s no lifetime warranty for LifeProof products. This seems to be an advertising hook. LifeProof warrants products for a period of 12 months.

What phone case is better than LifeProof?

The Catalyst Waterproof is more expensive, but with that upfront cost comes the best waterproof rating you can find and a slimmer case than its Lifeproof counterpart….Here’s the breakdown.

Catalyst Waterproof Case Lifeproof FRĒ
Dust-proof Yes Yes
Impact resistance Up to two meters (6.6 ft.) Up to two meters (6.6 ft.)

Will LifeProof replace phone if damaged?

A: The TWPP Limited Warranty will only replace a damaged device and Lifeproof case with a product that is of the same make and model with similar functionality to the products that were registered for the TWPP Limited Warranty.

Do you need a screen protector with a LifeProof case?

A: If you are buying the “Fre” model of Lifeproof cases, no screen protector is necessary. In fact, all of my previous Lifeproof Fre cases have fit so snugly that I doubt a screen protector would have fit, and would probably would have compromised the waterproof integrity of the case itself.

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