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Does Ever Accountable work on iOS?

Does Ever Accountable work on iOS?

Ever Accountable is here to support you, both in your recovery and on your iPhone. Ours is the highest rated accountability app in the App Store and with good reason. We are committed to helping you take the next step on your journey to freedom from pornography.

How do I set my iPhone to Ever Accountable?

How to install Ever Accountable in iPhone or iPad

  1. STEP 1: Open the iOS App Store and search for “Ever Accountable”.
  2. STEP 3: Select your Sign-In method.
  3. STEP 4: Enter your password, and then click the “SIGN IN” button to sign in.
  4. STEP 5: Setup VPN.
  5. STEP 6: Click “Allow” to authorize the configuration profile download.

Does Ever Accountable use a VPN?

Ever Accountable uses the VPN access on your phone to connect to our filtering servers. This can cause communication issues with some apps. To correct this, you’ll want to Whitelist the app.

How do you turn off Ever Accountable?

Go to Android Settings > General > Battery, and look under “App Optimization” and select “Details”. Then find Ever Accountable and turn it off.

Does Ever Accountable work on IPAD?

Ever Accountable works on almost every platform. Supports Android 4.2 and up. Supports iOS 12 and up.

What does Ever Accountable track?

Ever Accountable monitors all content viewed inside all apps that are compatible with Android’s native Accessibility feature.

How do you use Ever Accountable?

How it Works

  1. Download. Download Ever Accountable to your phones, computers, and tablets. It’ll quietly monitor your activity.
  2. Assign. Choose an accountability partner who will receive your activity reports.
  3. Thrive. Accountability is proven to be more effective than filters. Form healthy habits that last!

How does Iphone accountable work?

Ever Accountable is the ideal tool for staying accountable on iOS. As you browse the internet, Ever Accountable shares your activity with an accountability partner of your choosing. Websites that are suspicious or blacklisted will be flagged so your accountability partners can stay engaged and keep you accountable!

How do I get rid of accountable on Iphone?

Locate the Ever Accountable app icon on your Home Screen and press and hold it for a few seconds. Click “Remove App” from the pop up menu.

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