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Does health insurance cover pregnancy in India?

Does health insurance cover pregnancy in India?

Maternity-related expenses are covered in the form of riders of a health insurance product (policyholders will be charged additional premium for the cover). In some cases, maternity coverage comes under the ambit of OPD related expenses. In other cases, group policy in the company encompasses maternity insurance.

Can I get maternity insurance while pregnant in India?

Most insurance companies do not offer maternity health insurance if you are already pregnant, as it is considered a pre-existing condition. However, you can buy regular health insurance during your pregnancy.

Which insurance policy is best for maternity?

Top 9 Best Maternity Insurance Plans

  • Reliance General Group Mediclaim Insurance.
  • Universal Sompo Complete Health Insurance.
  • Magma HDI One Health Policy.
  • Care Joy Plan.
  • Know More About: Care Joy Plan.
  • Niva Bupa Health Premia.
  • Star Comprehensive Plan.
  • Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Family Floater Health Insurance Plan.

Which is best maternity insurance in India?

Top 5 Maternity Insurance Plans in India 2021

  1. SBI Arogya Premier. SBI has always been a trusted and reliable source for insurance plans.
  2. Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance.
  3. Apollo Munich Health Insurance Easy Health Family Floater.
  4. Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover.
  5. Magma HDI One Health Policy.

Is pregnancy covered in HDFC ERGO health insurance?

HDFC ERGO offers medical insurance with maternity benefits in two of its plans namely; Health Suraksha Gold & Medisure Classic. Both these plans offer ample of benefits along with maternity cover after a continuous renewal of 4 years.

Does ESI cover pregnancy?

Maternity Benefit ESIC provides 100% of average daily wages in cash up to 26 weeks in confinement and 6 week in case of miscarriage, during maternity leave and 12 weeks for commissioning mother and adopting mother.

Which insurance is best for maternity in India?

Best Maternity Insurance Plans Available in India

  • Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Enhanced Plan.
  • Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Plan.
  • Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Plan.
  • Care Joy Maternity Insurance Plan.
  • Chola MS Healthline Insurance Plan.
  • Digit Health Care Plus Policy.
  • Edelweiss Health Insurance Plan.

Does Icici Lombard cover pregnancy?

Now embrace motherhood worry-free with ICICI Lombard’s ‘Maternity Cover’ that reimburses you for the medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation for delivery including a caesarean section or lawful medical termination of pregnancy during the policy year.

How do I claim maternity insurance?

Here are some documents required to claim maternity insurance policy, though the list of documents varies for different companies.

  1. Duly filled in claim form.
  2. Policy documents.
  3. Admission advice.
  4. Discharge summary.
  5. Fitness certificate.
  6. KYC documents.
  7. Consultation bill.
  8. Original hospital bill.

Is delivery covered in ESI?

The benefit is available in those cases where the confinement occurs at a place where necessary medical facilities under the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme are not available. The expenses are paid for two deliveries only.

How can I get ESI maternity pay?

In order to be eligible for maternity benefit under ESI Act, 1948, an insured woman should have contributed/contribution payable for not less than 70 days in the last two consecutive contribution periods i.e. one year. ESIC website covers details of Maternity Benefit.

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