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Does Zabbix have an API?

Does Zabbix have an API?

On top of all the goodies one may find in Zabbix, it also comes with an API that provides access to almost all functions available in Zabbix. Existence of a Zabbix API opens up a lot of opportunities for even greater efficiency in monitoring. Some of those are outlined below.

How do I connect to Zabbix API?

Tutorial Zabbix – API Quickstart Guide

  1. On the Zabbix server install the required packages.
  2. List the Zabbix version installed on the local server using the Zabbix API.
  3. Here is the command output:
  4. In order to insert, delete or request information from the Zabbix database, you need to authenticate your Zabbix API session.

How do I monitor a Zabbix API?

Make sure it has appropriate permissions for the zabbix user to be able to execute it. In the template or host, create a new item, and set the type to external check, and set the key to the name of your script. Then create a trigger that looks for the “FAILED” line and alerts you.

How does Zabbix collect data?

Zabbix can be deployed for agent-based and agentless monitoring. Agents are installed on IT components to check performance and collect data. The agent then reports back to a centralized Zabbix management server. That information is included in reports or presented visually in the Zabbix graphical user interface (GUI).

Does Nagios core have an API?

Nagios Core Plugin API · Nagios Core Documentation.

Is Zabbix really free?

Absolutely Free Zabbix is released under the GPL license, thus is free for commercial and non-commercial use. There are no limitations on the number of monitored devices, you can use Zabbix to monitor many thousands of devices absolutely free.

What is Zabbix written in?

Zabbix/Programming languages

How to install and configure the Zabbix API?

Turning SELinux off. It is better to disable SELinux for Zabbix to work correctly. So,open the configuration file.

  • Installing Zabbix agent. Now add the Zabbix repository to be able to install the agent.
  • Zabbix agent configuration. Open the Zabbix configuration file.
  • Firewall configuration. Open the 10050,10051,http,https ports for Zabbix to work.
  • How to connect to Zabbix server using Java API?

    Create new applications to work with Zabbix;

  • Integrate Zabbix with third party software;
  • Automate routine tasks.
  • What can Zabbix do?

    Zabbix server performs polling and trapping of data, calculations of triggers, and sending notifications to users. It’s the central repository for configuration, statistical and operational data. You can read more about the Zabbix server process here.

    How to search host groups in Zabbix API?

    Description. The method allows to retrieve host groups according to the given parameters. This method is available to users of any type.

  • Parameters. The method supports the following parameters.
  • Return values. Retrieve all data about two host groups named “Zabbix servers” and “Linux servers”.
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