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How are the seats numbered at the Greek Theater?

How are the seats numbered at the Greek Theater?

Greek Theatre Detailed Seating Chart Seat Numbers The simple rule of thumb is that the lower the seat number the closer it will always be towards the center of the stage. For example, seat number 2 in the right B section will be on the aisle towards the center of the stage.

What are the best seats to see Hamilton in NYC?

Amongst all the three sections, the orchestra has some of the best seats in the theatre. The middle seats (105-109) in the middle of rows (B to H) offer a great, direct look at the stage without any obstructions. For people who would rather not be that close to the stage, there are the elevated front mezzanine seats.

Where is the best place to sit at the Greek Theatre?

Greek Theatre Section A Seating Views Section A is the first level behind the Pit on the seating chart. The first few rows of this level will get you very close to the performers and are some of the most desirable seats in the Greek Theatre.

Is Greek Theatre assigned seating?

The Greek Theatre hosts both general admission and reserved seating shows. Please see the event info on our website to determine whether the date you’re attending is general admission or reserved seating. Want a closer look? Find your seat here.

Where is the best place to sit at a musical?

For a musical, often first few rows of the mezzanine is better than back of the orchestra but try to get as close to the center of the theater as possible (not on extreme sides). I like sitting in the first row but most people don’t. You should find seating charts for all the theaters online….

Who owns the Paramount Theater in Oakland?

City of Oakland Nonprofit
The Paramount Theatre is a 3,040-seat Art Deco concert hall located at 2025 Broadway in Downtown Oakland….Paramount Theatre (Oakland, California)

Owner City of Oakland Nonprofit
Type Indoor theater
Seating type Orchestra, balcony
Capacity 3,040

How many seats are in the Paramount Theater Seattle?

2,807Paramount Theatre / Capacity

Does Florida Theatre serve alcohol?

The policy of the Florida Theatre Performing Arts Center, Inc., the nonprofit corporation that leases and operates the Florida Theatre, is that, because the Theatre operates concession stands at which alcoholic beverages are available for consumption on the premises, handguns, concealed weapons and firearms are …

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