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How can I renew my Digital Signature certificate online?

How can I renew my Digital Signature certificate online?

Change of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

  1. Login with user ID using existing Digital Signature Certificate.
  2. Go to ‘Change DSC details’ option.
  3. Fill the required details of the DSC, which needs to be mapped with your user ID.
  4. Select the renewed/Changed DSC.

How can I download Digital Signature from Sify?

You can help of these details you can download sify DSC online….How to Download Sify DSC

  1. Open sify DSC Downlod link.
  2. Enter USB Token in Your system.
  3. Enter Registration.
  4. Click Download button.
  5. Enter challenge password.
  6. Click submit button.
  7. Select your CSP (Token Name)
  8. Click submit button.

How do I renew my DSC Safescrypt?

Safescrypt DSC Renewal process As the new guideline of CCA, you have to submit all needed documents again for renewal DSC and have to complete the verification process again. You can renew your D.S.C and use your old device. In the renewal of D.SC, you can save Token cost. You don’t have to pay the device charge again.

How do I renew an expired digital certificate?

These certificates cannot be renewed after they expire. If your certificate has expired, you will need to apply for a new certificate. (retrieval). These certificates may be renewed up to thirty (30) days after their expiration date(s).

What happens when digital signature expired?

The message “The app digital signature has expired” means that the mentioned application is old and that its digital signature was expired and requires renewing by updating the application to the latest version.

What is Sify digital signature?

Sify’s Digital Signature provides advanced encryption offering 100% safety to your digital documents. A digital signature is a is a secure digital key used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a digital document.

Can I download DSC without USB token?

No, you cannot.

How do I renew my digital certificate?

9) Q: How to renew my expired digital certificate? A: You may login into 1CRS ( Follow the steps below: a) Click at Certificate Management b) Click at the Certificate Expiry (within 30 days). c) Click at Renew button.

Can we renew digital signature?

Yes, you can renew your DSC online for class 2 or class 3 and use it for the same. Can I use old token for new DSC? Yes, you can use your old USB token to renew your DSC and download it in that after renewal.

Can digital signature be renewed after expiry?

Yes, you can renew your expired DSC. All documentation and verifications will require to submit again. A new Certificate will be issued that can be downloaded to your existing USB Token. After downloading, your DSC starts to work again.

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