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How deep can you go with a shallow well?

How deep can you go with a shallow well?

A shallow well pump can only draw water from a maximum depth of about 20′, and for these shallow water table depths, 1-1/4” diameter well pipe is sufficient. A deep-well pump installation is necessary if the water table is deeper than about 20′.

How deep should the water in shallow well be?

For drinking water wells it’s best to be at least 100 feet deep so that surface contaminants cannot enter the well. The average well depth for private homes is between 100 to 800 feet [2]. You may need a deeper or shallower well if your area has different geology than another region of the country.

How many feet is considered a shallow well?

A shallow well, also called a dug well, is less than 50-feet deep and constructed above the bedrock. Placement and drilling of these wells depends on the soil type – the best geology make-up sandy gravel. An excavator digs into the ground as deep as possible to ensure a high yield.

How deep can you drive a sand point well?

The maximum depth for driven point wells is about 80 feet. If local soils are hard or rocky a driven well cannot be used. The well point may be purchased from a manufacturer (a forged well point) or hand made by cutting and hammering the end of the first pipe section.

How many gallons per minute should a well produce?

5 gpm
5 gpm (two fixtures running simultaneously at 2.5 gpm) is a good estimate of peak demand, for the typical household. Water wells that reliably yield 5 gpm should be able to meet peak and daily needs for most residences. Wells yielding less than 5 gpm, however, are sometimes the only water source available.

Can you drink water from a sand point well?

While a properly located and installed driven-point well can provide adequate and safe drinking water, the well is not without risk of both loss of water and contamination.

How do I know if my well point is bad?

The 7 warning signs associated with water well problems:

  1. The well is pumping air, and well yield is reduced.
  2. The well is pumping sand or large amounts of sediment.
  3. Water pressure is low (pressure tank symptoms)
  4. The power bill has skyrocketed.
  5. Water quality has changed.
  6. Dissolved gasses or bubbles and air in well water.

Will muriatic acid clean a well point?

If you do have a well point (screen) at the bottom of your well you can clean it with muriatic acid. You can get the acid from any pool supply house and home depot and lowe’s in our area.

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