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How do I activate Wolfram Mathematica?

How do I activate Wolfram Mathematica?

You can find your activation key and generate your password in your Wolfram User Portal account. Log in to the User Portal. Select the My Products and Services tab, then click the name of the product you want to activate. Copy and paste this activation key into the Product Activation dialog.

Is Mathematica a one time purchase?

You can buy a Student Desktop license of Mathematica for 160€. This gives you a permanent license until 1 year after you graduate as a student – if you go to graduate school you can continue to use the license until you graduate from graduate school. The yearly/semesterly subscription gives access for a year/semester.

What is MathLM?

MathLM is Wolfram’s custom license manager for its products, which include Mathematica and Wolfram One. Where the customer is running multiple instances of the Wolfram system, MathLM is installed as a network license manager, which will manage all access and retrieval of its products, specifically Mathematica.

Is Mathematica a perpetual license?

Mathematica on personally owned computers (“home use”) or a perpetual license from an academic reseller like The Cornell Store. The benefit of a perpetual license is that Mathematica will not expire; however, in order to upgrade to a newer version, a new license must be purchased.

How do I get Wolfram for free?

First you have to sign up for Wolfram Programming Cloud. There are multiple tiers however the “Free” tier works for this method. You can sign up here. After signing up you will be greeted with this screen, select “Create a New Notebook”.

How much does Mathematica cost per year?

Home Cloud Home Desktop Home Desktop
$188/year Subscribe $23/month Subscribe $376 Buy Now $188/year Subscribe $564 Buy Now $282/year Subscribe

How do I install Mathematica on Windows 10 for free?


  1. Download the appropriate Mathematica version. (
  2. Open the downloaded Mathematica .zip file.
  3. Extract setup.exe and the .bin files to your Windows desktop.
  4. Click on the setup.exe to start the installation process.
  5. Delete setup.exe and .bin files from desktop.
  6. Finish.

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