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How do I block an IP on Barracuda?

How do I block an IP on Barracuda?

The Barracuda Web Security Service Manager interface appears. Click the CONFIGURATION tab. Specify IP Blocking and IP Exemption settings by selecting the desired Barracuda Web Security Service Connector on the Gateway tab, then selecting the Policy tab.

How do I allow a website through Barracuda firewall?

Go to the FIREWALL > Firewall Rules page. Create or edit a firewall access rule for the connections that you want to apply the URL filter to (e.g., INTERNET-2-LAN). In the access rule settings, enable Application Control and URL Filter. (Optional) Enable SSL Inspection if you want to filter SSL-encrypted traffic.

How do I whitelist a domain on Barracuda?

Adding Email Address or Domain to the Whitelist

  1. Under PREFERENCES, click Whitelist/Blacklist.
  2. Under Allowed Email Addresses and Domains (Whitelist), type the email address or domain name.
  3. Click Add.
  4. If needed, repeat to add additional entries.

Where is the allow list in Barracuda?

Log in to your Barracuda Email Security Gateway web interface. Go to the BLOCK/ACCEPT > IP Filters page. In the Allowed IP/Range section, enter the first CyberHoot mail server IP in the IP/Network Address field. In the Netmask field, type the netmask using this format: 255.255.

How do I whitelist a domain in Barracuda?

How do you whitelist on Barracuda?

How do I block a website on Barracuda Web Filter?

Open a web browser and navigate to your Barracuda Web Filter. Go to Block/Accept > Exceptions. Select Block as the Action. For the Applies To field, click on the Lookup button and select All Users under the Apply To heading.

How do I allow a domain in Office 365?

You must log in to Office 365 as an Admin to add domains to the whitelist.

  1. Click the “Admin” drop-down box at the top of the screen, select “Exchange” and click the “Mail Flow” heading.
  2. Click the plus sign icon and select “Bypass spam filtering” from the menu.
  3. Type a name for the rule in the appropriate text box.

How do I stop Barracuda spoofed emails?

Log into your Barracuda Email Security Gateway’s web interface and go to the Advanced > Email Protocol page. Find the setting for Sender Spoof Protection and set it to Yes.

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