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How do I book a maxi taxi in Sydney?

How do I book a maxi taxi in Sydney?

Booking a MAXI TAXI in Sydney is simple and hassle-free. Use the 13cabs app, book online, or call 13 2227 any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. You can book now for an immediate pick-up, or book up to 7 days in advance. Choose the MAXI TAXI service and let us know the pick-up and drop off locations.

How do I book a maxi taxi in Melbourne?

How do I book a MAXI TAXI in Melbourne? Booking our MAXI cab service is the same as booking any Melbourne taxi or cab in Victoria. You can book via the 13cabs app, online through our website, or over the phone on 13 2227. All you need to know is your destination, your pickup address, and when you’d like to ride.

How do I book Maxicab?

You can choose to make a maxicab booking via our online booking portal. Calling our 24 Hours maxi cab hotline at +65 8333 6006 and making a maxicab booking is possible. We have also made it more convenient for you to make a booking via Whatsapp, Telegram and Email as well.

How many fit in a maxi?

Comfort for up to 11 passengers.

How much is maxi taxi to Sydney Airport?

$70 to $120
How much is a taxi from Sydney Airport to the city? It depends on number of people and taxi type. If you prefer dedicated private 7 seater maxi which can fit up to 14 bags of luggage, then it will cost $70 to $120.

How many seats does a maxi have?

If you need a taxi service for you and your crew, a MAXI TAXI is the way to go. With space for 10 people, big luggage capacity, and Professional Drivers, a MAXI TAXI cab will get you there.

How can I book a large taxi in Singapore?

Reservation Hotline (Flat Rates)

  1. Limousine Cab : (+65) 6535 3534.
  2. Space Cab : (+65) 6589 8551.
  3. EzyLimo : (+65) 8448 0222.
  4. Space Taxi : (+65) 6600 9920.
  5. Limo Maxi : (+65) 6589 8779.
  6. Alex Limousine : (+65) 9003 2237.
  7. Space Taxi Cab Singapore : (+65) 6876 7996.
  8. Limousine Transport : (+65) 6535 3534.

What is the difference between maxi and taxi?

A Maxi Cab is a people mover or a mini van/bus which can carry upto 11 passenger whereas a regular Taxi Cab can carry upto 4 passengers.

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