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How do I find my banks swift number?

How do I find my banks swift number?

To find a bank’s swift code, go to their website to see if its listed in their international payments section or FAQs. Or, call the bank and ask an employee for the swift code. Alternatively, use a swift code website, like You might find your own bank’s swift code on your bank statement.

What is the SWIFT code for bank South Pacific Papua New Guinea?


What is a SWIFT code number for a bank?

A SWIFT/BIC code consists of 8-11 characters and follows a format that identifies your bank, country, location, and branch. The first four letters represent the bank and usually look like an abbreviated version of the bank name. These two letters indicate the country where the bank is located.

What is bank SWIFT code in South Africa?

Universal Bank Branch Codes and International Swift Codes. ( 2022 )

Bank Name Universal Bank Code Swift Code
Old Mutual 462 005 OMAMZAJC XXX
Sasfin Bank Limited 683 000 SASFZAJJXXX
Standard Bank of South Africa 051 001 SBZAZAJJ
SA Post Bank (Post Office) 460 005 SBZAZAJJ

What is BSP number?

A Bank State Branch number, or BSB number, is a 6-digit code that represents your bank, state, and branch location. Some banks, like Beyond Bank, use one BSB code for all branches while some banks, like CommBank, have different BSB codes for different branches.

Is SWIFT code same as branch code?

A BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is exactly the same as a SWIFT code. Both are made up of numbers and letters used to identify the country, bank and branch that an account is registered to. And so both provide vital information when sending a money transfer.

Is SWIFT code 8 or 11 digits?

A swift or BIC Code is an 8 to 11 digit code that helps identify the country, city, bank, and branch. The format of Swift Code: Bank Code – It is the four letters that represent the bank. You can say it as the shorter version of the bank name.

Is bank SWIFT code same for all branches?

Is there a SWIFT code for each branch? Swift code an unique alpha numeric code for international money transaction that uses across the world. Every branch maintain an unique swift code .

What are the last 3 digits of a SWIFT code?

What does a SWIFT code look like?

  • AAAA – 4-character bank code that looks like a shortened version of the bank’s name.
  • BB – 2-character country code specifying the bank’s country.
  • CC – 2-character location code expressing where the bank’s head office is located.

How many digits is a SWIFT code?

8-11 characters
A SWIFT code is used to identify worldwide banks. It is made up of 8-11 characters and is commonly known as a Bank Identifier Code or BIC.

What is a bank’s bank code?

In the US, a bank code (or routing transit number) is a nine-digit number found on a check between the two colons that identifies an American bank. However, the format and information conveyed in a bank code varies by country, so the term “bank code” takes on a more general meaning from an international perspective.

What does a swift code look like?

Format of a SWIFT/BIC number. A SWIFT/BIC is an 8-11 character code that identifies your country, city, bank, and branch. Bank code A-Z 4 letters representing the bank. It usually looks like a shortened version of that bank’s name. Country code A-Z 2 letters representing the country the bank is in.

What is the SWIFT code for PKO BP?

The SWIFT code for PKO BP is BPKOPLPWXXX. Please bear in mind that PKO BP uses different SWIFT codes for the different types of banking services or branches. Kindly check with your recipient or with the bank directly to find out which one to use.

Where is PKO Bank Polski located in Germany?

PKO Bank Polski#N#Oddział Niemcy. PKO Bank Polski , Niederlassung Deutschland. Neue Mainzer Strasse 52-58. 60311 Frankfurt am Main. Deutschland. BIC/SWIFT: BPKODEFF. BLZ: 50127000. Umsatzsteueridentifikationsnummer: DE301066680. HRB 103393 Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main.

What is the SWIFT code of Bank Polska Kasa Opieki SA Bank Pekao SA?

In this page you will find detailed information about the swift code “ PKOPPLPWXXX ” of “ BANK POLSKA KASA OPIEKI SA BANK PEKAO SA ” for the branch named: “ (HEAD OFFICE) ”. Sending money via your bank can be expensive because of markups they add to the exchange rate.

Where is the BP bank in Bratislava?

PKO BP S.A., pobočka zahraničnej banky. Pribinova 10. 811 09 Bratislava. Slovak Republic. BIC / SWIFT: BPKOSKBB. Drukuj.

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