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How do I find my NYSC number?

How do I find my NYSC number?

Also called NYSC discharge certificate number, your NYSC certificate number usually appears at the top right-hand corner of your NYSC certificate. NYSC certificate number is simply the number that doesn’t have initials like NYSC/OY.

How do I verify my NYSC certificate?

Make photocopies of the Certificate(s) you want to verify, serially numbered with your marker or pen and attach them to the letter. 5. Afterwards, submit your letter at the Director-General’s Registry on the sixth (6th) floor of the complex, that is, Yakubu Gowon House – NYSC NDHQ and await your reply.

How can I recover my NYSC certificate?

Here is how to request for replacement of lost NYSC Exemption Certificate

  1. A letter of notification/request routed through the Institution of graduation and addressed to the Director-General, NYSC.
  2. Police Extract/Report.
  3. Court Affidavit.
  4. Where available, a copy of the lost Certificate of Exemption.

How do I print my NYSC verification slip?

Visit NYSC portal at Click on ‘Login’ button to enter your registered e-mail and password. Click “Resume” to login to your dashboard. Locate “Print Slip”, and click the button.

What is NYSC record number?

The NYSC certificate number is the number that is written in the top right-hand corner of your NYSC certificate below the year of your service. This number starts with A00. This number is different from your NYSC call-up number or your discharge number.

How do I print my NYSC green card?

Steps to Print NYSC Green Card Directly from the Portal

  1. Visit the NYSC login page.
  2. Enter your email and password (created during the registration), then log in.
  3. You’ll be on your dashboard by now.
  4. Click on the “print slip” to download and print it.
  5. It looks like the one below.

How can I print my NYSC certificate online?

Go to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal Login with your registered email and password. Then print your Exclusion Letter.

How do I replace my lost NYSC ID?

You can also apply for replacement of ID card online.

  1. Go to the NYSC online portal at.,
  2. Login to your dashboard with your email and password,
  3. Click on “Replacement of ID card” link.
  4. Type in your request and click the send request.
  5. Complete the payment,
  6. Upload a police report and the sworn affidavit.

Why is my NYSC Green Card not showing?

Your Green Card is expected to contain your Call Up Number. However, the possibility of your Call Up Number not showing on your Green Card is due to you not making payment online or not paying via the designated Banks during the online registration.

Why is my NYSC call up number not showing?

Your Call Up Number will not show if you did not make payment Online or pay via the designated Banks during the online registration.

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