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How do I import a SQL GZ file into mysql?

How do I import a SQL GZ file into mysql?

You have to follow below steps:

  1. First check Mysql service should be running.
  2. Then if you have compressed file, decompress it first.
  3. Then you will find .
  4. Then find import data in left corner in Mysql.
  5. Select option import from self-contained file and select your .
  6. Then click on import data.

How Unzip GZ file in SQL?

  1. Extract filename.sql.gz.
  2. Rename extracted file from filename.sql to filename.gz.
  3. Extract again.

How do I unzip a SQL file?

zip file you can use the unzip command:

  1. unzip databasefile. sql. zip.
  2. mysql -h hostname -u username -p username < databasefile. sql.

How do I import a .SQL file?

Import an SQL file using Command Line

  1. Open XAMPP.
  2. Launch Apache Server and MySQL Database.
  3. Create a database via phpMyAdmin.
  4. Copy the SQL file of your choice to the xampp/mysql/bin/ directory.
  5. Open Command Prompt.
  6. Go to xampp/mysql/bin/.

What is .GZ file type?

A GZ file is a compressed archive that is created using the standard gzip (GNU zip) compression algorithm. It may contain multiple compressed files, directories and file stubs. This format was initially developed to replace compression formats on UNIX systems.

How do I gzip a SQL file?

To do this manually using gzip we just run:

  1. gzip -v outputfile.sql.
  2. mysqldump < mysqldump options> | gzip > outputfile.sql.gz.
  3. gunzip -v outputfile.sql.gz.
  4. gunzip < outputfile.sql.gz | mysql < mysql options>
  5. mysqldump < mysqldump options> | bzip2 > outputfile.sql.bz2.
  6. bunzip2 < outputfile.sql.bz2 | mysql < mysql options>

How do I import a zip file into MySQL workbench?

To import a file, open Workbench and click on + next to the MySQL connections option. Fill in the fields with the connection information. Once connected to the database go to Data Import/Restore. Choose the option Import from Self-Contained File and select the file.

How do I run a .SQL file in MySQL?

How to run SQL script in MySQL?

  1. Now, File -> Open SQL Script to open the SQL script.
  2. After browsing .sql files, you need to select the option “Reconnect to database” as shown in the following screenshot −
  3. Now, it will ask for password to connect with MySQL.
  4. Note − Press OK button twice to connect with MySQL.

How do I open a .DB file in MySQL?

Can I open a DB file in MySQL? Yes. In the MySQL Workbench, go to MySQL Connections and enter the database information. Once connected to the database, go to Data Import/Restore and select Import from Self-Contained File.

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