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How do I open a TCS file in Webmail?

How do I open a TCS file in Webmail?

To Access Tcs webmail, You have to download Citrix Workspace app from google playstore or app store. 2. After installing open the app and land on the login page i.e. Netscaler Gateway ( Login page of Tata consultancy service app) 3. Now just fill the ultimatix credentials to login into your account.

Can we open TCS mail in Mobile?

How to access TCS Webmail • In order to login TCS webmail page, you have to first download app called Citrix Receiver on your Android or Apple Mobile • It is available free on Google play store and apple app store.

How do I open a TCS file in Outlook?

How To: Add your email account to Outlook

  1. Incoming Mail Server:
  2. Outgoing Mail Server:
  3. Username: your email address (e.g. [email protected])
  4. Password: use the password you setup when creating your account.

How do I create a TCS email account?

You can create new account or manage the password and forwarding features using the Email Administration Site….To create new accounts:

  1. Click On “New Email Account” under Quick Links.
  2. On the following page you will fill out the form and click on “Add” to add the email account.

Is Zimbra mail free?

Open Source Edition Zimbra Open Source Edition is a free email and collaboration solution ideal for individuals or smaller organizations that do not require Zimbra Support, advanced administration, business continuity and only IMAP email on desktops and devices.

How do I access TCS mail from outside?

You need to select Lotus Webmail here in order to get to the TCS Webmail Page. Now, you can enter your username and password and access your emails on IOS or Android devices. Through Citrix Receiver, you will be able to access you TCS emails with the help of any device outside TATA consultancy systems.

What is the use of Zimbra?

The Zimbra server is a dedicated server that manages all of the mailbox contents, including messages, contacts, calendar, and attachments. Messages are received from the Zimbra MTA server and then passed through any filters that have been created. Messages are then indexed and deposited into the correct mailbox.

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