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How do you change SGA and PGA size in Oracle 11g?

How do you change SGA and PGA size in Oracle 11g?

Connect to the database sysdba sqlplus sys/oracle@op as sysdba 2. Increase sga_max_size to 6 GB as below SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET sga_max_size=6144m scope=spfile; System altered. 3. Increase pga_aggregate_targe to 3 GB as below SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET pga_aggregate_target= 3072MB SCOPE=spfile; 4.

How does Oracle determine SGA and PGA size?

The Oracle DBA can use math to determine the optimal RAM allocation for a MS-Windows server….The total RAM SGA and PGA estimates for Oracle are as follows:

  1. OS RAM : 20 percent of total RAM for MS-Windows, 10% of RAM for UNIX.
  2. Oracle SGA RAM : determined with the show sga command.

Which initialization parameter is used to automatically size the SGA?

DB_nK_CACHE_SIZE initialization parameter
Fixed SGA and other internal allocations are sized using the DB_nK_CACHE_SIZE initialization parameter.

How do I increase my target memory?

Before you can increase memory in oracle database, you must first understand four oracle memory parameters which govern the instance. If you set MEMORY_TARGET, they oracle will perform AMM (automatic memory management) and both SGA + PGA are managed within the allocated memory.

How do I check my PGA memory usage?

Monitoring Automatic PGA Memory Management

  1. Using the V$PGASTAT View.
  2. Using the V$PROCESS View.
  3. Using the V$PROCESS_MEMORY View.
  5. Using the V$WORKAREA_ACTIVE View.
  6. Using the V$SQL_WORKAREA View.

How can I increase my SGA size?

Step by Step How to increase SGA size in Oracle

  1. 2:- Check the value of SGA.
  2. 1:- Check file location of spfile/pfile.
  3. 2:- Check the value of SGA.
  4. 3:-Take a backup of spfile before modification.
  5. 4:- Modify SGA values and reboot the database.

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