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How do you change the graph window on a TI-84 Plus?

How do you change the graph window on a TI-84 Plus?

Here are the steps to set your graphing window:

  1. Press [WINDOW] to access the Window editor. See the first screen.
  2. Enter nMax. Choose a value of nMax that is as large as you might need; try 100.
  3. Enter the Xmin. Enter Xmin = 0 for an aesthetically pleasing graph.
  4. Enter the Xmax.
  5. Enter the Ymin.
  6. Enter the Ymax.

What should the window settings be on a graphing calculator?

The default viewing window is set up in a 3:2 aspect ratio. The window is NOT a square. Because of these set pixels, the “nicest” viewing windows have Xmin and Xmax values that differ by a multiple of 47.

How do you change the window on a TI 89?

To change the viewing window, move the cursor to the value that needs to be changed and key in the new value. The old value will automatically be erased. To see the effect of the viewing window, let’s look at a rather complicated equation.

How do you reset the window on a TI 84?

How do I reset the graph window variables on the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators?

  1. Press [GRAPH].
  2. Press [ZOOM].
  3. Select 6:ZStandard.
  4. Press [ENTER].

What window did you use to graph your equation?

The standard window for graphing is: Xmin and Ymin mean the minimum value for the axes. Xmax and Ymax is the maximum value. Xscl and Yscl are the values of each tick mark on the axes. (TIP: If the scale is set too low the axis will be drawn very thick, which may hide information about the graph.)

How do you fix a TI 84 graph?

What are 2 Window Functions?

The Top 5 Most Popular Window Functions and How to Use Them

  1. Sum. One of the most common use cases for the SUM window function is calculating a running sum.
  2. Row Number. Ah, row number.
  3. Dense Rank.
  4. Lag.
  5. Max.

What is a viewing window in calculus?

The viewing window represents the portion of the coordinate plane displayed on the Graph screen. By setting Window variables, you can define the viewing window’s boundaries and other attributes.

What is a graphing window?

The Graph Window will display a graph of image values along a line in the X, Y, or Z direction, or along a contour. These values can be based on either the bytes being displayed in 3dmod, or on the actual values in the image file.

Why does my TI-84 say error window range?

If the WINDOW RANGE error is returned when graphing this means the values for the WINDOW settings need to be adjusted. To correct the WINDOW RANGE error, the default WINDOW values will need to be restored using the ZStandard (ZoomStandard) command (see steps below): 1) Press [ZOOM].

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