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How do you clean plastic prescription glasses?

How do you clean plastic prescription glasses?

Run your glasses under lukewarm water (NOT hot water). Using a small drop of dish soap on your fingertips, rub both sides of the lenses and nose pads gently. Rinse the eyeglasses with warm water and dry gently with a clean microfiber cloth.

Is it safe to wash prescription glasses?

Run the frames under warm water. Use a mild soap, like lotion free-dish soap, and apply it to your frames using your fingertips. Rinse the frames thoroughly under warm water. Use a moist towelette with rubbing alcohol to clean the nosepads and earpieces of your frames.

Does alcohol damage anti-reflective coating?

We do not recommend using alcohol wipes on any optics , as this could damage the coatings on the lenses. You can on the outside of the lens but not anywhere near the glass lens. We would recommend cleaning fluid for the lens.

What lens cleaner is safe for anti-reflective coating?

There are various cleaning solutions available to clean your eyeglasses, but best cleaner to use on eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating is water and soap. Yes, warm water, soap, and a cloth made of microfiber.

How do you clean polycarbonate lenses?

Your polycarbonate lens spectacles should always be placed in an appropriate protective case when not in use….For optimum, long-term clarity, the following cleaning procedures are recommended:

  1. Rinse with warm water or warm soapy water.
  2. Rinse with clean, clear water.
  3. Dry with a soft clean cloth.

How do you clean cloudy plastic eyeglass frames?

To remove the oxidation, I made a paste of Bar Keepers Friend and water, and used my fingers and the paste to polish the black plastic. To mix the the paste, I used about 1 or 2 parts water to 1 part Bar Keepers Friend. It took about 3 minutes of rather firm rubbing per temple to remove the oxidation.

Can I clean my prescription glasses with alcohol?

You cannot use rubbing alcohol to clean your glasses. Avoid using household cleaners or products with high concentrations of acid. Clean your glasses with a gentle dish soap and warm water for the best results. Dry your glasses with a microfiber cloth to prevent smudging.

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