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How do you clean your house if you are allergic to cats?

How do you clean your house if you are allergic to cats?

How to Clean Your House for Pet Allergies

  1. Remove the animal’s favorite furniture.
  2. Remove wall-to-wall carpet.
  3. If you must have carpet, select ones with a low pile and steam clean them frequently.
  4. Scrub the walls and woodwork.
  5. Keep all surfaces throughout the home clean and uncluttered.

How do you get rid of cat allergies in the air?

Get serious about filtration. Use a HEPA filter on your home’s air handling unit. HEPA filters are designed to be better at catching tiny particles of pet dander. You might also try using an air filter or purifier with a HEPA filter a few hours each day to circulate the air and remove excess pet dander.

Can cat dander go through vents?

Keep Pets Away From Vents The problem is that dander quickly makes its way through the vents into the ductwork. If it’s a return vent, then there’s a chance the system will draw it in enough to reach the filter.

How do I clean my house after a cat has lived?

Cleaning Tips for Buildings Previously Occupied by Cats and Dogs

  1. Obtain a thorough, professional duct cleaning.
  2. Commercially steam-clean, professionally dry-clean, or use very hot water to launder clothing.
  3. Wash and use a HEPA vacuum for interior surfaces.

How long does it take to get rid of cat dander in a house?

six months
If you have a pet allergy and your symptoms are severe, finding a new home for your pet may be your only option. And even then, it can take up to six months to rid your home of the pet dander since the allergen attaches itself to household dust.

Does air duct cleaning help with allergies?

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from allergies or asthma symptoms, an air duct system cleaning is something we highly recommend. It can not only help reduce allergens in your home but also provide relief for allergy and asthma triggers.

Does cat hair get in air ducts?

Air duct cleaning helps to remove pet hair and fur that can be sitting in your ducts. Pet hair and fur can sit in your ducts, which can slow down the flow of air through the ducts. This increases your energy usage, as it decreases the amount of air that can make its way into your home.

Does having a cat make your house smell?

Regular litter box maintenance and careful clean-up can keep your house smelling fresh. No one likes a home that smells of cat odor. Cat odor can come from a variety of places: litter boxes, cat urine and feces. Each can be managed effectively with a little attention.

Can I live with a cat if I’m allergic?

You can live with a cat if you are allergic, unless you have severe allergies. In fact, thousands of people with allergies do live with their feline friends. Some who only have mild symptoms just put up with the symptoms or treat them with over-the-counter medicine.

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