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How do you destroy the cake in Candy Crush?

How do you destroy the cake in Candy Crush?

Party Popper (in Flash) Cake bombs can be destroyed either by making simple matches along the edges of the cake (unless being protected by Candy Cane Fence or Candy Cane Curl) or by using special candies and their combinations.

How do you break the black cage in candy Crush?

Candies with a liquorice lock over them can’t be moved. The blocker can be removed by a special candy effect or by being able to match the candy under the blocker with two other candies of the same colour.

How do you get rid of the black boxes in candy Crush?

Properties. The liquorice swirl is an invasive blocker, meaning no candies can be in the same square as the blocker, much like frosting or chocolate. Like most blockers, it can be disposed of through breaking the candy next to it.

How do you destroy the evil spawners in Candy Crush?

The evil spawners need to be hit 4 or 5 times in order to destroy them. The spawners will show increasing cracks in them the closer you get to destroying them.

How do you destroy the magic mixer in Candy Crush?

The magic mixer can be destroyed by lollipop hammer, sweet teeth, or jelly fish (if there is a jelly under it).

How do you get licorice level 1490?

Make as many special candies as you can. As there are four colours, it is very easy to make special candies. Try making colour bomb + colour bomb, it can take out the liquorice swirls. Try to let many swirls spawn, then remove them in as few moves as possible, so that you have additional moves to get more swirls.

Does Candy Crush help your brain?

However, Candy Crush has been said to increase your dopamine levels, which is the neurotransmitter that plays a part in our happiness levels. Dopamine is instrumental to our learning and helps develop both bad and good behavioral responses because it begins to retrain our brain behavior.

How many times do you have to hit spawners in candy Crush?

The evil spawners need to be hit 4 or 5 times in order to destroy them.

How many times do you have to hit the magic mixer to destroy it?

Unlike the chocolate fountain and dark chocolate fountain, the magic mixer is destructible. It takes five hits, either by matching candies adjacent to it or by hitting it directly with special candies.

How do you clear a magic mixer?

Once the sounds have stopped and the mist has cleared, you may remove your Magic Mixie from the Cauldron by rotating anti-clockwise, then pulling it out.

How do you get licorice swirls in Candy Crush?

Best Answer. When you clear a licorice, it will not generate a new one on the next turn, and it will only generate one per turn. You start with 19, so you need to create 16. Clearing one, wait a turn, get another, clear.. consumes 3 turns per licorice which won’t work.

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