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How do you get a Combee in Pokemon Platinum?

How do you get a Combee in Pokémon Platinum?

Looking for something specific about Combee?…Combee Location – How to Get Combee.

Location Method
Route 214 Honey Trees
Route 215 Honey Trees
Route 218 Honey Trees
Route 221 Honey Trees

Where can I find a female Combee in Pokémon Platinum?

Female Combees are quite rare. There is a 87.5% chance for the Comber to be male and 12.5% chance for it to be female. Slather as many trees as you can in honey, then check back to all of them to see if the Comber is female.

Can you reset for a female Combee in platinum?

Once you find a Combee, you can easily reset over and over for a Female.”

Can you reset honey trees for female Combee?

Not sure if this is a known thing but just figured I just mention it as a PSA for anyone struggling to find a female Combee in BDSP. The Pokémon spawn is locked, however the gender is not.

Where can I encounter a Combee?

There are two different methods of approach when trying to locate a Combee in Pokemon BDSP – the Grand Underground, or through Honey Trees.

  • In the Grand Underground, Combee can spawn in the following two biomes: Grassland Cave / Sunlit Cavern.
  • Throughout Sinnoh, Combee can be found at any of the 21 Honey Tree locations.

Can you catch a female Combee in the underground?

Finding a Female Combee in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. The best place to find a female Combee will be in the Grand Underground.

Are honey trees gender locked?

This Pokémon is decided when you apply the Honey to the tree, however you will have the ability to reset in front of the tree to get the gender of Pokémon that you want. So if you want a female Combee or a Male Burmy, you’ll be able to reset here until you get one.

Can you shiny hunt the honey trees?

Once you find the Pokemon, remove the Cartrage and place into the DS you’ll use to Shiny Hunt the Honey Tree Pokemon. This will make in-Game time to not forward giving you an unlimited amount of time to find it. Do not save, if you save it then the in-game timer will start ticking and in about 24 hours it will be gone.

Can you find Combee in the underground?

The Pokemon Company / ICLA Combee can be found throughout the Grand Underground, such as in the Grassland Cave.

How do you catch Combee on Ramanas Island?

We recommend throwing an Ultra Ball immediately to catch a Combee on Ramanas Island. It might escape once, but you should only waste a few before catching it. Once you catch the Ramanas Island Combee, return to Almous in Jubilife Village.

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