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How do you get on the cover of Shape magazine?

How do you get on the cover of Shape magazine?

If you’ve transformed your life and body through diet and exercise, send your story, before & after photos, and contact info to [email protected] for a chance to appear in SHAPE. If we decide to use your story, an editor will contact you. (SHAPE will never publish your story without your permission.)

How do you write a fitness magazine?

1. You must have good ideas that are unique (have a hook), easy to understand and immediately applicable for the general population. 2. You must be a credible fitness writer who’s already proven that you can provide high-qulity training articles, write them in a concise manner and deliver them in a timely fashion.

How do you become a fitness writer?

How to Get Your Start in Fitness Writing

  1. Start With What You Know. If you love fitness but you’re wondering where to start, tap into your particular interests and experience.
  2. Build A List of Go-To Sources.
  3. Make Friends with the Competition.
  4. Think Outside the Fitness Box.
  5. Be Ready to Dig Deeper.

Is there still a Muscle and fitness magazine?

Following the successful release of a special edition of Muscle & Fitness HERS in December 2020, the publisher of the iconic fitness media brands is now set to return to print for both Muscle & Fitness and its sister publication, Muscle & Fitness HERS.

Does shape magazine still exist?

Shape, a women’s fitness magazine owned by Meredith, stopped print editions at the end of last year. In September, the U.S. print version of Marie Claire, owned by the British publisher Future Media, was shuttered. Hearst discontinued regular print editions of O, The Oprah Magazine, in 2020.

What happened to shape magazine?

On January 28, 2015, it was reported that Shape would be acquired by Meredith Corp. and Fitness, published by the company, would cease publication in May 2015 and be combined with it.

How much do fitness writers make?

$33k-$92k Fitness Writer Jobs (NOW HIRING) | ZipRecruiter.

What are the topics for health fitness?

Health & Fitness Guide

  • The Basics. Exercise and Weight Loss. How Exercise Boosts Your Metabolism. Making Time for Fitness. Your Guide to Getting Started.
  • Exercise Benefits. Exercises for a Healthy Heart. Regular Exercise for Mental Health. Workout Plan That Improves Posture. Myths About Exercise and Aging.

What does a fitness writer do?

They often write articles on the subject, but may be involved in any sort of writing responsibilities including web content, literature, and even books. As a part of their writing responsibilities, they may be required to perform interviews of experts in the diet and fitness areas.

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