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How do you get the secret exit in World 5?

How do you get the secret exit in World 5?

To get to the secret exit, Mario and co. must fall into the first gap, jump across the second and third gaps, and finally, fall into the fourth and fifth gaps, where they must go through a hidden passage to the left-most door.

How do you get to the cannon in World 6 Mario Wii?

World 6 Warp Cannon (Warp to World 8) It’s right between the first two Fire Bros at the top of the area. You may want to use the Propeller Block from earlier in the level to get up to it. Head to the right through the dark passage and you’ll find a pipe to the surface. A red Secret Goal flag sits here.

Where is the secret exit in Soda Jungle 5?

Secret Exit Instead of taking the pipe at the top to leave the underwater ruins, wait for a statue to move over to the left. Jump over the statue and move to the right wall to find a pipe to the Secret Exit.

Where is the secret exit 6 6?

A secret exit exists in this level which can be found by entering a red pipe in the area with Fire Bros. The player enters an area with a Glow Block, along with a Swoop swarm. After that area is the red flag. This unlocks a Warp Cannon which takes the player to World 8.

Are 1 UPS Canon?

to fire the cannon. Players cannot get 1-Ups by touching the balloons themselves; they can only get 1-Ups by using the cannon. Each player will win 1-Ups equal to the total value of the balloons his or her character hits and pops. Each player can only fire a cannon once and each balloon can only be popped once.

What levels have secret exits?

Note: If you are missing one Secret Exit, it’s probably the one in Rock Candy Mines-5 Walking Piranha Plants.

  • World 1 – Acorn Plains Secret Exits.
  • World 2 – Layer-Cake Desert Secret Exits.
  • World 3 – Sparkling Waters Secret Exits.
  • World 4 – Frosted Glacier Secret Exits.
  • World 5 – Soda Jungle Secret Exits.

How many secret exits are there in Soda Jungle?

World 5 – Soda Jungle Secret Exits

Secret Exit Location Unlocks
Soda Jungle-Ghost House Which-Way Labyrinth Soda Jungle-A Flight of the Para-Beetles

Is there a secret level in Peach’s castle?

Secret Exit As you near the end, several coins will be block platforms, leading to a platform just under a pipe. Quickly jump on to the platform and through the pipe before time runs out to reach the Secret Exit. Finding the Secret Exit will lead you on a path to Peach’s Castle-4 Firefall Cliffs.

How do you unlock the thrilling spine coaster?

Thrilling Spine Coaster, or Rock-Candy Mines-6, is the sixth course of Rock-Candy Mines in New Super Mario Bros. U. It is unlocked via secret exit in Grinding-Stone Tower, and its own completion opens the path to Screwtop Tower.

How do you get to level 6 6 on Super Mario Bros Wii?

Note: If you cannot access World 6-6, it’s simply because you never beat World 6-5 properly. Don’t take the Secret Goal. Just proceed to the end of the level normally (Pro Tip: It’s to the far right).

Where is the secret world in Super Mario Bros Wii?

World 9 is the final world and a secret world of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The world is set in space and on a giant rainbow star. Each level in the world is gated and cannot be played until all Star Coins from a certain world are found….# of levels.

Previous world Next world
World 8 N/A

How do you unlock World 7 in Super Mario Bros?

World 7 is the seventh world in New Super Mario Bros. It takes place in the sky, and is made up entirely of clouds, though some levels take place in overworld or mushrooms. To get to this world, the player must defeat Petey Piranha as Mini Mario, or by taking the cannon in World 4.

How do you tell if there is a secret exit in Super Mario World?

Secret exits are alternate paths out of a level in Super Mario World. Unlocking a secret exit will take a player to a previously hidden new level. Secret exits are typically unlocked by finding the key in a level and placing it in the keyhole found elsewhere in the same level.

How many secret levels are in Super Mario World?

There are 72 levels (not including Yoshi’s House and Top Secret Area), 24 of them have a secret exit for a total of 96 goals in the entire game and finding all of them will reap a reward.

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