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How do you help the paramedic in Scribblenauts?

How do you help the paramedic in Scribblenauts?

The third shard can be found at street level to the right of the firehouse. Here you will find a paramedic who needs to restart a dummy’s heart. Create a “defibrillator” and give it to the paramedic to earn the third shard available at the Capital City Firehouse.

How do you get hints in Scribblenauts?

In Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts, the player can purchase hints using Ollars they earned, from new words and Merits. In Scribblenauts Remix and onwards, the last two hints can be read by waiting 30 seconds per hint (requiring 1 minute for both hints).

How do you destroy storm clouds in Scribblenauts?

Solution: Pick up the lantern and fly to the top the screen or apply the adjective ‘nonexistent’ to the storm clouds. Alternatively, make the lantern waterproof….Hints

  1. Keep the lantern of the lighthouse above water until the flood recedes.
  2. Try using an object that can get rid of water.
  3. The storm clouds can be destroyed.

How do you stop the attacking heart in Scribblenauts?

Kill the heart or add the adjective “dead” to the heart and you will earn the third Shard found in St. Asterisk. Alternate Method: Attacking and killing the heart also works. Create a gun or knife and kill the heart with the item.

How do you reset a dummy’s heart?

Problem: I need to restart this dummy’s heart! Solution: Create a defibrillator and give it to the paramedic. Put Down the Match!

Can cockroaches survive hot water?

Hot water can kill cockroaches, but they’d need to be fully submerged. Here, it’s the heat killing the roach, not the water itself. Roaches cannot survive temperatures over 125 degrees, especially in direct contact. Cold water would need to be below the freezing point to harm them.

Can you be a firefighter with a heart condition?

Some cardiac conditions, including those listed in the standards, may not be compatible with safe and efficient performance of wildland firefighter duties under these conditions. The standard for blood pressure was set at 140/90 or below (with or without medication).

What does Cleopatra want in Scribblenauts?

The sixth shard can be found in the exhibit just to the left of the Wax Columbus exhibit. Here you will find Wax Cleopatra who needs you to finish her exhibit. Create a pyramid and place it next to her to earn the “Queen of the Nile” shard.

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