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How do you troubleshoot a Breckwell pellet stove?

How do you troubleshoot a Breckwell pellet stove?

Ensure that the combustion blower is operating if the stove is clean and the “AS” or “#2” light is blinking, or when the stove shuts down intermittently. If the blower is working, the stove has no mechanical problems. Check the door seal and the gaskets on the ash pan, and repair or replace if necessary.

What does the damper do on a pellet stove?

The pellet stove’s damper allows you to adjust the amount of oxygen flowing to the flame.

What does reset trim mean on a pellet stove?

RESET TRIM. Different size and quality pellet fuel may require adjustment of the “1” feed setting on the Feed Rate Advance bar graph. This is usually a one-time adjustment based on the fuel you are using. The “RESET TRIM” button when adjusted will allow for 3 different feed rate settings for the #1 feed setting only.

Where are Breckwell wood stoves made?

Nowadays, the company operates two manufacturing plants, one still in Eugene, and another in Arlington, Texas. Since 1988, hundreds of thousands of Breckwell stoves have been produced and gained an industry wide excellent reputation for reliability.

How do pellet stoves work without electricity?

The most reliable way to continue using your pellet stove during a power outage is to equip the stove with a battery backup system. When your AC power goes out, the battery backup begins operating automatically to power your stove without interruption.

Why is my pellet stove not working?

Most automatic wood pellet feed systems will shut down stove operation if pellets feed improperly. Unplug and cool your wood pellet stove and make sure the auger operates without obstruction; clear any pellet jams, sawdust, or foreign objects. Check the auger for damage and replace it if necessary.

Why is my pellet stove not igniting?

Clean all vents, check and repair/replace all gaskets, adjust damper or airflow setting. Adjust air-to-pellet ratio by increasing air flow. Adjust air-to-pellet ratio by increasing air flow and/or decreasing feed rate. Adjust air-to-pellet ratio by increasing air flow and/or increasing feed rate.

How far should damper be open on pellet stove?

Adjusting the Damper When the stove is first lit, the damper should be nearly closed. As the temperature increases, the damper should be opened, about 1/8 inch at a time, to keep the flame yellow and steady. Whenever a heat adjustment is made, the damper should be opened or closed accordingly by about 1/8 inch.

How high should the flame be in my pellet stove?

Once the feeding of pellets is re-established and the stove is running on High, the flame should rise to 4′-6” above the top of the firepot.

How do I adjust the feed rate on my pellet stove?

Adjust the feed rate by turning the feed adjuster in a counterclockwise direction. Each full turn of the feed adjuster increases the feed rate. The feed adjuster may be turned to a fraction of a turn, allowing for precise adjustment. To start, turn the feed adjuster back five turns.

Who makes Breckwell?

All Breckwell pellet stoves are over 80% efficient. Breckwell are now owned by the US Stove Company.

How much does a 40 pound bag of pellets cost?

A: A pallet of pellets is comprised of fifty, 40 pound bags (which equals one ton). The price is $269 a pallet or $5.38 per 40 lb bag.

Why is my pellet stove dropping pellets but not igniting?

Can you manually ignite a pellet stove?

Pellet stoves with automatic ignition require less work to light. If it requires you to do it manually, you’ll need wood pellets, a gel accelerant, fire-resistant gloves, and a long-reach butane lighter.

How high should the flame be on my pellet stove?

Which is the best wood pellet for your pellet grill?

No additives. Some companies add additives to wood pellets to make them burn hotter.

  • Low Ash Content. If wood pellets leave a lot of ash when burning,the performance of your pellet grill will be affected and it’ll run less efficiently.
  • Heat Output. You should look for pellets with high BTU ratings.
  • How to troubleshoot and fix common pellet stove problems?

    Mama always said,’a clean stove is a happy stove!’ First and foremost,start with a clean stove.

  • Know what to expect from your stove and your pellets. Did you know…Most people remove ash from their stove about every 3 days.
  • Troubleshoot like a pro.
  • How to burn pellets in a wood stove or fireplace?

    Stove size: Make sure to buy a stove that is the right size for your home.

  • Efficiency: Be sure to find a pellet stove with the highest efficiency possible so you are not wasting any of the pellets or energy.
  • Type of pellet: Not all pellets are created equal!
  • Do wood pellet stoves need an exhaust?

    Pellet stoves require type “L” vent pipe. Most will have a 4” vent pipe requirement. L-vent uses an air space between a stainless steel inner pipe and a galvanized outer pipe. Since the exhaust on pellet equipment is pressurized, all joints between pipe components must be siliconed or have a gasketed/sealed connection.

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