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How do you unlock Lucina in Smash Bros 3DS?

How do you unlock Lucina in Smash Bros 3DS?

In the 3DS version, Lucina can be unlocked either by completing 40 matches in Smash mode, or by completing Classic while using Marth without using any continues on any Intensity.

Is Lucina good in Smash?

Lucina is often looked at as a top tier due to her simplistic game plan, oppressive neutral and spacing game, strong edge guarding abilities, an excellent out of shield option and combo breaker in her up special, and fantastic forward smash.

How do you do Lucina Final Smash?

Just make sure you don’t dash off the stage when you use it in midair! In Lucina’s Final Smash, she raises her sword high, then dashes swiftly forwards to deliver a deadly blow to whoever stands in her way. Even if their damage is low, this strike is powerful enough to take them out in a single hit.

Is Lucina high-tier?

Lucina is currently ranked 14th out of 55 on the tier list, placing her in the B tier. In addition to being the second highest ranking high-tier character, this placement renders her as both the highest ranking clone and unlockable character.

Where is Lucina in World of Light?

Lucina. Lucina is on the right side of the Dark Realm map, though she’s tucked away out of sight by a mess of clouds. Once you take on the curry-filled Ridley that’s in the way, you’ll reveal her.

Is Lucina beginner friendly?

1st Place – Lucina Lucina has high range, decent speed, good weight, and several moves that can be used in many situation. This makes her one of the best beginner friendly characters in the game.

Is Lucina easy?

With a wonderful matchup spread, Lucina enjoys more good matchups than most characters. Her edgeguarding prowess makes it very easy for her to KO opponents with poor recoveries offstage, and her sword gives her a disjoint so she can space her attacks and beat out opponents with inferior range.

What is Lucina good at?

Lucina doesn’t boast the raw power of a Marth who can hit that sweet spot consistently. What she does have, however, are all the advantages that he inherently does: solid speed and maneuverability, coupled with nice range and a great ability to pressure the opponent (particularly when they’re vulnerable off-stage).

Did Lucina get nerfed?

Lucina has received a mixture of buffs and nerfs in the transition to Ultimate, although she was overall buffed despite her high-tier placement. Compared to other characters, Lucina has received few major, direct changes between games, with most of her notable nerfs being shared with Marth.

How do I get good at Lucina?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 10 Tips To Master Lucina

  1. 4 NEVER Be Predictable With Your Counter.
  2. 5 Try To Lock Down Your Opponent’s Movement.
  3. 6 Use The Range Of That Sword To The Best Of Your Ability.
  4. 7 Know How She’s Changed In Smash Ultimate.
  5. 8 Know Her Weaknesses.
  6. 9 Know Her Strengths.
  7. 10 Know How She’s Different To Marth.

Is Lucina stronger than Marth?

Lucina can be played more aggresively, and relies on her more effective combos to increase the damage enough so she can KO the opponent. Marth can be more rewarding if used right, but Lucina’s consistent damage and knockback helps her in certain match-ups.

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