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How does a Keith walking floor work?

How does a Keith walking floor work?

The Keith Walking Floor system is an unloading system. The hydraulically driven drive unit is installed in a trailer and attached to a series of floor slats that “walk” material out the rear of the trailer.

How much do walking floor trailers hold?

They are typically used to transport mulch, recycled products and many other products. These trailers can be used to haul some palletized loads as well. One notable advantage these trailers have over a dump trailer is that they can haul up to 110 cubic yards without having to be put up in the air to unload.

How long does it take to unload a walking floor trailer?

But it was important to unload quickly. With a walking floor, a truck can unload in 3–4 minutes and get back out.” Moving, or walking, floors facilitate speedy unloading of MSW at landfills, in part, by reducing handling. The Walking Floor system from Keith Mfg. is equipped with the Keith sweep system.

Who invented the walking floor trailer?

Keith Foster
In the 1960’s Keith Foster focused on various types of self-loading trailers for crops being grown around Madras, Oregon. 1n the 1970’s Keith Foster’s company Keith manufacturing introduces the first commercially viable moving floor with the Walking Floor name.

What can you haul in a walking floor trailer?

Walkers will unload, and self load some products, just about anything from beets to grain, to pallets of seeds, sawdust,gravel. We had 9 of them at 1 time hauling garbage. In abrasive environments the floors [ the aluminum runners that move the product] will wear quickly at the back of the trailers.

What is a walking floor trailer used for?

A walking floor trailer is ideal for transporting very large or bulky items. This trailer style is commonly used for home renovations and landscaping projects.

Can you drive a forklift on a walking floor trailer?

Forklift Compatible: Forklift traffic can drive on floor surface, if necessary. No Dock Needed: Palletized cargo, drums or bales can be loaded or unloaded by forklift with or without a dock. Load and Unload Any Time: WALKING FLOOR® trailers can load and unload in any weather condition.

Who invented walking floor?

founder Keith Foster
A Leader in Material Handling For More Than 70 Years The roots of the WALKING FLOOR® unloader began in 1950, when founder Keith Foster—the “Keith” in KEITH—developed material handling equipment for the agriculture industry.

What are live floor trailers used for?

Live floor trailers are designed to make unloading their payload easy, no matter what cargo you are hauling. Often utilizing a hydraulic-driven conveyor, they provide speedy yet controlled unloads.

What is walking floor driver?

The hydraulically controlled floor system (walking floor or moving floor) moves the load outwards while the driver controls the operation from a safe distance.

What is a floor walk?

A floor walking day or 1/2 day is when one of our experienced trainers “walks the floor” of your offices responding to individual queries, problems and tasks. That means: Real time problem solving. Productivity is increased.

What are walking floor trailers used for?

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