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How does brobizz work?

How does brobizz work?

Brobizz gives you the best price every time you cross the bridge – and it’s fully automatic. Use the green “Ekspres” (Express) lanes – these allow you to pay with both your number plate and bizz, and you’ll get the same discount.

How do I pay my Storebaelt bridge?

How can I pay on the Storebælt Bridge?

  1. Bizz. With a bizz in the windshield you pay automatic when you drive through the green express lanes.
  2. Number plate. When you have a number plate payment agreement, just use the green express lanes and your number plate will be read automatically.
  3. Payment cards and fuel cards.
  4. Cash.

Why is the Great Belt bridge famous?

Great Belt Fixed Link is made of suspension bridge and railroad tunnel that connects Zealand with island Sprogø and a box girder bridge that connects Sprogø with Funen. Great Belt Fixed Link is designed by Dissing+Weitling….Facts and History of Great Belt Bridge.

Name Great Belt Fixed Link
Maintained by A/S Storebælt

How do I pay with Brobizz?

Ordering in the Brobizz app

  1. Download the Brobizz app where you normally download apps.
  2. Open the app and select ‘Create profile’.
  3. Enter your name, address, mail address and a password.
  4. Enter vehicle type and select ‘bizz’, ‘number plate payment’ or both.
  5. Select payment with credit or fuel card, and enter card details.

What is a BroPas?

BroPas is an annual subscription and costs just 45 EURO per year. This means that your annual subscription pays for itself from your first return trip. With BroPas you pay half the price – each time.

How much is the bridge from Denmark to Sweden?

The Øresund Bridge is the fixed link between Denmark and Sweden from Kastrup to Malmö. The link consists of a 4 km tunnel, a 4 km island and a 8 km bridge….The Øresund Bridge.

EasyGo Prices
Car max 6 m 65,00 EUR
Car (max 6 m) with trailer/caravan max 15 m Camper 6-10 m Van 6-9 m 130,00 EUR

How do you pay tolls in Denmark?

If you don’t have a bizz, you can pay by cash or debit/credit card at the toll station. At the Øresund Bridge, you can pay by cash or debit/credit card at the toll station. The Øresund Bridge accepts both Danish and Swedish kroner as well as Euro, but not 500 Euro banknotes, and different types of payment cards.

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