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How does Lagos obtain its water supply?

How does Lagos obtain its water supply?

How does Lagos obtain its water supply? Although Lagos is surrounded by water the most common way of obtaining fresh water is from street vendors selling water in containers. Just 10 per cent of the population of Lago have a piper water supply that has been treated.

What are challenges about water supply in Lagos?

Our research revealed that the inadequate public water supply in Lagos State is caused by high and increasing population, poor performance of existing waterworks, high pipe leakages, poor coverage of existing waterworks, inadequate number of waterworks and poor collection of water fees which limits expansion.

What is the Lagos water Corporation master plan?

The Lagos Water Supply Master Plan aims to cover the demand gap by 2020 and improve water supply through extensive infrastructure development, however this plan is non-comprehensive and one-dimensional.

Does Lagos have a sewer system?

Below, as in most parts of Lagos, lurks the malodorous sewer that sometimes only shifts its cargo when the monsoons strike, spilling refuse and raw sewage across the streets. Lagos was built on an open drainage system.

What seems to be the major problem of Lagos residents?

Water pollution is a major problem in Lagos. Uncontrolled disposal of raw sewage, sediment carrying runoff and effluents into the Lagoon system has created serious health concerns. Deadly waterborne diseases like cholera & diarrhoea are affecting people as a result.

What is Nigeria water policy?

By virtue of this law, the waters of all Nigeria’s transboundary rivers and lakes belong to the federal government. Notwithstanding such federal ownership, by virtue of section 2, of the Act, any person may take water without charge for his domestic purpose or for watering his livestock.

What does water corporation do?

Water Corporation is a state government owned entity that provides water, wastewater, drainage and irrigation services in Western Australia. Water Corporation is headquartered in Leederville, Western Australia, and employs approximately 3,300 full-time equivalent staff.

Why does Lagos have a shortage of drinking water?

The water crisis in Lagos is dire. The World Bank’s decades-long push for water privatization (including so-called “public-private partnerships”) has left the city with dry taps and many people drinking unsafe water or paying exorbitant amounts for water of unknown quality.

What are the main water sources in Nigeria?

Nigeria has extensive surface water resources, including the perennial Niger and Benue rivers and their tributaries. Groundwater is widely used for domestic, agricultural and industrial supplies. Most rural areas are dependent on groundwater, and a number of towns and cities.

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