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How hard is it to get into Thayer Academy?

How hard is it to get into Thayer Academy?

In the last few years, admission to Thayer has become increasingly competitive. Last year, we accepted 225 students from about 650 applications, or about one in three.

Is Thayer Academy an all girl school?

Thayer Academy (TA) is a private, co-educational, college-preparatory day school located in Braintree, Massachusetts, United States….

Thayer Academy
Gender Co-educational
Number of students 700
Student to teacher ratio 6.5:1
Campus type Suburban

Is Thayer Academy a good school?

Thayer Academy Reviews Absolute best school ever! Words won’t do it justice. I transferred into Thayer seeking a new rejuvenating academic environment and Thayer has exceeded all expectations. The one thing that stood out to me the most was the relationships students form with teachers.

Where does Thayer Academy play hockey?

Our comprehensive schedule includes ISL and NEPSAC opponents, and our home games take place at the new Thayer Sports Center.

Is Milton Academy good?

Milton Academy is an incredible school, and the education I received is top tier. I have not attended college, but the academics seem to mirror a university experience. Teachers won’t “force” you to do anything; you are responsible for your attendance, work, growth, etc.

What NHL players went to Thayer Academy?

Stars and Cult Players

# Player Season
1. Lincoln Griffin (F) 2021-2022
2. Charlie Coyle (F) 2021-2022
3. Aidan McDonough (F) 2021-2022
4. Jayson Dobay (D) 2021-2022

What is Dexter education?

Dexter is a network of high tech community learning spaces designed to be a full stack solution that integrates both software and hardware. This full integration allows us to create an entirely new type of learning environment that has the potential to transform schools across the globe.

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