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How high are the Wollomombi Falls?

How high are the Wollomombi Falls?

1,580 feet
The Wollomombi Falls rank among the highest in the world, with an uninterrupted leap of 1,100 feet (335 m) and a total fall of 1,580 feet (480 m).

How was Wollomombi falls formed?

Wollomombi Gorge and Falls The gorge has been formed by the cutting back action of the waterfalls and rivers. This can be observed by looking at the Wollomombi Falls which appear to sprout from the side of the cliff. The rocks at this location are tightly folded and faulted Palaeozoic slates.

Where does Waterfall Way start?

Coffs Harbour
Starting at Coffs Harbour, the scenic drive traverses 5 national parks and winds through lush rainforest, waterfalls, open woodlands and farmland as you approach Armidale.

How do you get to the bottom of Wollomombi Falls?

You cannot walk to the bottom of the falls, it is accessible only by rope. Chandler Gorge. Wollomombi Falls just visible at the head of the gorge, Chandler Falls to its right behind a ridge.

What is the biggest waterfall in Australia?

Wallaman Falls
Wallaman Falls, Girringun National Park Townsville | Tropical North Queensland. The highest, permanent, single-drop waterfall in Australia, Wallaman Falls is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, home to some of the oldest rainforests on earth and many endangered plants and animals.

What is the longest waterfall in Australia?

Wallaman Falls in Queensland are Australia’s tallest permanent waterfall with a plunge of nearly 300 metres (980 ft). Wollomombi Falls in New South Wales are second with a 220-metre (720 ft) combined drop and Ellenborough Falls, also in New South Wales, is third plunging 160 metres (520 ft) as a single drop.

Can you swim at Waterfall Way?

Not only is the waterfall wide and dramatic, but it cascades into a huge swimming hole. Although you can swim in other nearby waterfalls, none have a pool anything like Dangar. It’s big, it’s deep and it’s very easy to access.

Is Waterfall Way NSW Open?

Waterfall Way has reopened to single lane traffic west of Thora after a massive landslip blocked access during the extreme weather that impacted the North Coast early this month.

Can you walk to the bottom of Wollomombi Falls?

Wollomombi Falls. There is a narrow ridge in sunlight in this photo which divides the Wollomombi River from the Chandler. It is composed of rotten rock, and rockclimbers have had a few scares on it. You cannot walk to the bottom of the falls, it is accessible only by rope.

What is the highest waterfall in NSW?

Wollomombi Falls
West of Ebor Falls, toward Armidale, is the powerful Wollomombi Falls, the highest waterfall in NSW at 220m.

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