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How is JMU ranked nationally?

How is JMU ranked nationally?

James Madison University’s ranking in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities South, #3.

What is JMU best for?

JMU alumni have the highest post- graduate employment levels of all Virginia colleges and universities. Personal Finance’s top 100 “Best Values in Pub- lic Colleges” list for 2019. JMU placed 31st on the list of four-year public schools that com- bine outstand- ing education with economic value.

Is JMU a good college?

JMU was also recently recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the No. 2 Best Public Regional University in the South and earned a nod from MONEY magazine as a great investment, coming in at No. 25 among public colleges on its “Best Colleges for Your Money” list.

Is JMU worth the money?

Above Average Value Nationwide James Madison University is ranked #520 out of 1,472 for value nationwide. James Madison University is a good value according to College Factual’s value analysis. It is priced competitively based on the quality of the education provided.

Is JMU or Virginia Tech better?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s go through a general overview of the high-level differences between Virginia Tech (VT) and James Madison University (JMU)….Virginia Tech (VT) vs. James Madison University (JMU) Overview.

Virginia Tech (VT) James Madison University (JMU)
Total Undergraduates 25327 19019
Average SAT Scores 1100 – 1320 1040 – 1220
Acceptance Rate 73 73

How much is JMU in debt?

Bonded debt for JMU at fiscal 2018 was $378 million, which increased to $493 million at fiscal 2019. All capital projects are approved by the state, and at this time JMU issues its debt through state bonding programs.

Are JMU students happy?

The ranking, which specifically examines student success and learning, also found that not only are JMU students happy with their choice, but they are extremely engaged during their time on campus. JMU ranked in the top 20 percent of 1,061 public and private higher education institutions for student engagement.

Why is JMU so popular?

Located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, JMU is known for its “beautiful” campus, and students rave about the “benefits of walking in the mountains.” An English major says, “The moment I walked on campus I was captured by the student spirit and how beautiful it is.” School spirit is generally high, and students say, “ …

Are students happy at JMU?

Does JMU give alot of money?

JMU academic colleges and departments offer awards equivalent to 75% of in-state tuition and comprehensive fees, based on the year entering JMU, to students of great accomplishment and potential.

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