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How long before ferry departure should I arrive P&O?

How long before ferry departure should I arrive P&O?

P&O Ferries advise that if you travelling by car, to arrive at the port 30 minutes before the ferry is due to leave. If you are making the trip by foot, they advise travellers to arrive 45 minutes before.

Are P and O ferries running from Dover to Calais?

The company plans to resume operating between Dover and Calais this week and is currently selling tickets for cross-Channel sailings. The first departure on its Spirit of Britain ship is due to leave the Kent port at 4.25am on Wednesday.

How many suitcases can you take on a P&O cruise?

You can bring as many bags as you can comfortably fit into your cabin, but each item of luggage should weigh no more than 23kg for safety and handling purposes. If an item exceeds 23kg at embarkation you will be recalled to the terminal and asked to remove items or repack your bags.

Can I board my cruise ship early?

The earliest that guests can board a cruise is between 4-5 hours before the ship is scheduled to sail away. Guests may be able to check in earlier but will usually not be able to embark until this time. A number of factors affect when you can embark a cruise ship.

Is P&O sailing from Dover?

P&O Ferries has been told the Pride of Kent can resume sailings between Dover and Calais after passing a safety inspection at the fourth attempt.

Can I get on an earlier ferry at Dover?

Yes if you have a flexible ticket but often they’ve let me on an early boat for free. over a year ago. If you have a flex ticket, they will book you on the next available ferry. over a year ago.

Are P and O ferries Cancelled?

We’re now sailing again across all routes.

Can you take drinks on P&O Cruises?

P&O Cruises allows guests to bring unlimited soft drinks and water on-board their cruiser ships. You can also bring more soft drinks on-board at each port of call too if you wish.

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