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How long does it take to cycle Hebridean?

How long does it take to cycle Hebridean?

between two and six days
The Hebridean Way is a cycling route of 185 miles (297km) in the Outer Hebrides. The waymarked on-road route crosses 10 islands and six causeways and includes two ferries. It takes between two and six days to complete the route, or more if you want to detour to various attractions.

Can you cycle the Hebridean way?

The Hebridean Way is a long-distance national cycling route (NCN 780) through the Outer Hebrides. It links some of the best places in Scotland to explore and admire the spectacular natural environment. You can also walk the Hebridean Way using a separate waymarked route.

Can you cycle around Barra?

is a classic 185 mile cycle route, starting at Vatersay to the south of Barra, and finishing at the Butt of Lewis, crossing 10 islands, linked by ferries and causeways. Following the official National Cycle route 780, provide spectacular scenery and awesome coastlines.

Are the Outer Hebrides hilly?

The Clisham, the highest hill in the Outer Hebrides, at almost 800 metres and Mealaisbhal in Uig is the highest summit in Lewis. Heading south, to the east of North Uist there the rugged hills of North and South Lee and Eaval, and are in sharp contrast to the relatively flat landscape to the west.

How many miles is the Hebridean way?

The Hebridean Way is a 184-mile on-road cycle route through the remote and spectacular islands of the Outer Hebrides.

How hilly is the Hebridean way?

200m hill
Most of the route is flat. The exception is Harris (the northernmost island), which has a couple of significant climbs. They’re not exactly high mountains, but when you’re starting from sea level, a 200m hill with occasional 10% gradients is not to be sniffed at.

Can you cycle around Harris?

If you are cycling on Lewis and Harris you can choose from the breathtaking west coast of Harris with its numerous expanses of white sandy beaches or the incredibly rugged and twisting east coast road with its views across to the Isle of Skye and beyond. Be aware that both routes involve some very challenging hills.

How long is the road around Barra?

approximately 14 miles
The road that goes round the perimeter of Barra is predominently single track with passing places and is approximately 14 miles around the main island.

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