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How long does it take to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc?

How long does it take to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc?

The Tour du Mont Blanc can be completed in as little as three days (if you’re going for speed) or 13-plus days, depending on how many miles you want to cover per day. During the hike you can stay in mountain huts, tents, hotels—or a mixture of all of the above.

How difficult is the Tour du Mont Blanc?

The Tour du Mont Blanc is 170 km long with approximately 10,000 metres of ascent and descent along the way. This may seem like a daunting amount of trekking, but remember it’s spread over several days. That makes it doable for most keen hikers – and even beginners with strong determination when the going gets tough.

Can you hike Tour du Mont Blanc without a guide?

It’s definitely not necessary to hire an independent Tour du Mont Blanc guide, or go with one of the many guided tour companies that ply the route because the trail is very, very well marked. Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc self guided is very easy to do if the weather is kind.

How do I prepare for TMB?

Tour du Mont Blanc Tips – good advice before you begin

  1. tip 1 – do some training.
  2. tip 2 – book your refuges early.
  3. tip 3 – don’t book too early in the season.
  4. tip 4: make sure you take enough cash.
  5. tip 5: set off early each morning on the trail.
  6. tip 6: bring medical supplies from home.
  7. tip 7: take lots of lightweight snacks.

Is the Tour du Mont Blanc worth it?

Every day, you will climb about 3,000 feet and then descend another 3,000 feet, traversing five major passes through three different countries. After putting in 12 to 18 miles every day, you can bet that the effort is worth it. There’s a reason why the Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most famous hikes in the world.

Is Tour de Mont Blanc scary?

Anyone who has a normal fear of heights has little to worry about on the Tour du Mont Blanc unless it is a crippling fear. There are a few short drops, but nowhere are there big cliffs or exposure. It is a summer hiking route and the trails are well-maintained.

Can you climb Mont Blanc without experience?

You definitely need prior experience to attempt the Mt Blanc ascent. Have a look at this 5-day Climbing Mont Blanc and Gran Paradiso program, with IFMGA certified guides from Namaste Mountain Guide. This tour includes learning the basics of mountaineering.

Is the TMB well marked?

The TMB is a high altitude trekking circuit and every hiker planning to walk this incredible trail needs to be aware of the risks high mountains pose. Whilst the route is very well marked and hikers blessed with glorious weather would never need a GPS, it is crucial that you take one regardless.

What altitude is the Tour de Mont Blanc?

The highest point reached by the standard route is 2,584m (8,478ft) and the height gain (and therefore loss) around the whole Tour is around 10,600m (35,000ft). Trekkers typically take 11 days to complete the circuit, give or take a day or two.

Is Tour du Mont Blanc crowded?

This holds true for mountains, as well as hut hiking tours, and just about everything else. The TMB is crowded, more so in recent years than it was in previous decades. It also tends to be more expensive.

How expensive is Tour du Mont Blanc?

Tour du Mont Blanc with/without guide cost A self-guided hike will generally cost from $50-$75 USD per day for a total of about $1500 USD, with mountain huts (or gites), which include breakfast, available for around $50 USD per night.

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